Size Up Navy Blue Dad Hat

Navy Blue Dad Hat By Size Up

The sun is beating down. The sweat starts to trickle down your forehead. It is time to put on a great looking hat to shade your eyes from the sun, a hat like the Size Up Navy Blue Dad Hat. Why is it called a Dad hat? Because it reminds us of that great golf and baseball caps our Dad always wears. It is built to look great, be 100% functional, and to get the job done.

The hat features an adjustable back, so you can choose to wear it snugly on a windy day, or when you head out for a run, or you can wear it loosely when you are just lounging around the swimming pool trying to keep the sun out of your eyes. The Navy Blue color will look great on you.

The hat is constructed with blended materials for easy cleaning, but also to make sure it stays cool on your head. The fabric breathes easily, allowing airflow to your head, instead of making it sizzle. The navy blue color is offset with a white Size Up winged logo. The large bill will help keep the sun out of your eyes on the golf course, walking down the street, or in the middle of a rough and tumble game of beach volleyball.

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