Size Up Nude Stripe SHORTS

Nude Stripe Shorts By Size Up

There are times you would probably love to run around nude, but instead, we suggest slipping on these great Nude Stripe Shorts from Size Up. These great workout shorts can be used just as easily for a fun game of frisbee golf in the park or for a brutal Crossfit workout of the day. Their breathable fabric makes sure you never overheat.

The tan “nude” shorts feature bold white stripes on each side, plus a white Size Up Winged Logo on one leg. They have two side pockets to give you a place to stash your keys and change. The external drawstring tie makes it easy to choose a tight or loose fit, depending on what you are getting ready to do.

The workout shorts are cut just above the knee to give you full freedom of motion. The elastic waistband is designed to eliminate roll-ups no matter what activity you are doing. The blended fabric stretches with your movements, making sure no motion is restricted by the shorts.

The shorts are designed to give you a great range of motion but to make you look great doing it. They cut shows off your legs but stays 100% functional. If you need a comfortable pair of workout shorts that can be worn anytime, the Nude Stripe Shorts will get the job done.









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