Size Up Nude Track Jacket

Exercise In Comfort With The Size Up Nude Track Jacket!

Whether you choose to layer or wear our Size Up Nude Track Jacket as is, we guarantee it will become a workout favorite! The nude color reflects light and is easily visible on even the darkest days. Unlike other track jackets that aren't modern or innovative, our jacket is designed with young moguls, such as yourself, in mind. The arms are decorated with a strip of Size Up text along with our logo highly visible on the front.

This fabric is made to last and can withstand many piles of washing while maintaining its shape. Created from a blend of different fibers, you will never itch or profusely perspire when wearing this track jacket! A zipper allows for an easy on and off, and you have plenty of room for layering. Available in sizes S through XXL and it is true to size in fit.


Specs Of Nude Track Jacket

-Convenient zippered front for easy on and off.

-A nude color that is flattering on everyone and is easily seen in every situation. The contrasting white logo stripe adds interest and offers a welcome focal point.

-Breathable fabrics that wick sweat away but keep you warm when necessary. Our fabric fibers are also long-lasting.





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