Size Up Off White Roll Sleeve

Off White Roll Sleeve Shirt By Size Up

Everybody makes a white tee shirt, but no one makes one quite like Size Up. The first thing you notice about the Off White Roll Sleeve Tee from Size Up is the fabric. This is not a thick cotton tee. This is a lightweight blend that is designed to keep you cool and to get the sweat off your body fast. The blended fabric hugs your body to make sure sweat doesn't start to trickle and run down your body, it wicks it away and lets your body stay cool.

The arms are cut extra short to make sure your biceps and triceps are free to move. You don’t want a shirt to restrict your motion at a critical moment. The shirt is designed for a guy with muscles. It wraps around your pecs, showcases lats, and then hugs your abs to show-off the six-pack. The neck is cut slightly loose for your large neck and to allow freedom of movement.

The shirt is available in sizes small to XXL, but you should be aware it fits slightly tight compared to traditional sizes. This is not a mistake. Size Up intended the shirt to fit snugly to keep sweat off the body. If you like shirts that feel great during a workout and look great when you want to show off your body a little, this tee is the ideal shirt.


Length 32" 32.75" 33" 34.25" 35"
Chest 38" 39.5" 41" 42.5" 44"

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