Size Up Off White SandLot Shirt

Off White Sandlot Shirt By Size Up

A long-sleeved shirt that shows off your body? Did you think it was even possible? Size Up has created a shirt that will keep your arms warm, but no one is going to miss your muscular body in this Off White SandLot Shirt.

The bold red sleeves and red neckline are going to grab attention immediately. The snug fitting sleeves will let your arms steal the show, even if they are covered. The red sleeves produce a frame around your body drawing attention to your pecs and abs. The shirt was designed to follow an athlete’s V-shape tapering from broad thick shoulders to a narrower waist.

The cotton blend material lets your body breathe while keeping you warm. This is a great shirt for a fall or winter outdoor Crossfit workout of the day. The shirt is meant to be worn untucked, hanging long on your body to showcase your athletic build.

The neck is cut over-sized to allow you more freedom of motion. If you need a versatile long-sleeved shirt for cool days you do not need to look any further. This is a great shirt for cool spring and fall days and works great in winter when paired with a Live Up Track Jacket.


Length 31" 31.75" 32.5" 33.25" 34"
Chest 39.5" 41" 42.5" 44" 46"

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