Size Up Pastel Flowers Y Back Tank

Size Up Pastel Flowers Y-Back Tank Top

This tailored tank top offers a great fit and an unusual pattern, which come together to create a very appealing look. The shirt is fitted in the chest to show off muscle definition but is looser in the back, which makes the shirt very comfortable to wear, especially when the weather is hot.

The bottom of the shirt has a relaxed fit in the back, but a scoop bottom in the front. This makes the shirt look more stylish, even when it's worn with something simple, like a pair of workout shorts. While a pastel floral print isn't something that is usually associated with men's workout wear, the pattern complements this shirt perfectly. The shirt comes in a range of sizes, and it's available in additional colors as well.

The SU logo is subtly stitched into the front of the shirt, which adds to the appeal of the design. The combination of a scoop neck and y-back makes the shirt breathable, and the fabric is perfect for intense workouts. The shirt is machine washable, which means it can be washed and worn again and again. It's a fantastic choice for men that are looking to mix up their workout wardrobe.

Length 28" 28.75" 29.5" 30.25" 31"
Chest 37.5" 39" 40.5" 42" 43.5"

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