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A new pastel purple polo shirt may be the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband. There is nothing quite like an attractive man wearing a well-fitted polo shirt. However, have you ever wondered when polo shirts began?

Today, people wear sportswear that years ago looked like underwear. People today have complete wardrobes for work, formal wear, beachwear, and now even athletic wear. That, however, was not always the case. Centuries ago, the average commoner that needed to get physical wore pretty much the same clothes to church.

At the beginning of the 20th century, men had to participate in sports wearing trousers and a long sleeved button up shirt. Though this was challenging, it still was better than what women wore who competed in sports. They had to wear tight blouses and ankle-length skirts.

A French tennis champion became tired of constantly rolling up his sleeves during a tennis match. He decided to take the issue into his own hands. This resulted in his design of the perfect sports shirt. This new tennis shirt would be short-sleeved, have a simplified collar, use better performing fabrics, and still have a sense of formality.


Length 30.5" 31.5" 32.25" 33" 33.75"
Chest 39.5" 41" 43" 44" 44"

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