Size Up Peach Dynasty Print Tee

Peach Dynasty Print Tee By Size Up

If anyone thinks size doesn't matter, the Peach Dynasty Print Tee from Size Up is about to change their mind. The shirt boldly states SIZE on the sleeves, the chest, and the back. But it is not the fact that it says size that matters the most. What will convince everyone that size does matter is how it showcases your hard-earned muscles.

The sleeves are cut a little short to make sure your biceps and triceps are not hidden away. The shoulders are cut for a man who works out, not your average couch potato. The shirt is designed to showcase your chest and back before quickly narrowing to your fit and trim waistline. Size Up makes sure the shirt does not narrow too tightly at the waist. They recognize you want freedom of movement because you didn’t build that body to sit still.

The shirt is made from a cotton blend which provides great breathability and wicks away moisture. The blended fabric is designed to stay looking great after washing instead of stretching out of shape after a few times through the washing machine. If you want a shirt that announces to the world that size does matter, the Peach Dynasty Print Tee will say it loud and clear.


Length 30" 30.75" 31.5" 32.25" 33"
Chest 18.75" 19.5" 20.5" 21.25" 22"

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