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A Purple Ribbed Tank Top

Are you considering the purchase of a purple ribbed tank top? If you are, then you should understand a few rules about how to wear a tank top. Pulling off a tank top may seem like a simple thing to do but there are things that could go wrong. Therefore, it is important to know a few of the basics so that you do not destroy your favorite purple ribbed tank top.

The key is fit. Similar to your favorite T-shirt, a tank top should loosely fall just below your belt. Tank tops should not hug your body too tightly. It is best if the tank top is roughly one inch away from your body. This will keep the sweat from showing during those hot summer days.

When wearing a tank top it is important to stress moderation. The amount of skin that is revealed should not go beyond what is covered by your tank top. The armholes of your purple tank top should go no further down than your first rib. The neckline should come to an end just slightly above the latitude of your underarms.

Yes, a purple ribbed tank top can be a beautiful fashion statement.





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