Size Up Rose Baseline Tee

Rep Size Up proudly with the Size Up Baseline Tee! This shirt is perfect for going out to parties, running errands, or at the gym. It features a scoop bottom with the SU wing logo front and center. We crafted this shirt to show off your body without being too over the top. The shirt is slim through the chest and sleeves with a more relaxed fit towards the bottom!

Everyone who reps Size Up clothes is no stranger to hard work! Our new baseline Tee is a cotton/Spandex blend that goes perfect with that old school mentality! With a Jersey inspired look this shirt tells everyone you’re a part of the Winning team, SIZE UP!


Product Highlights:

With Cotton/Spandex blend this shows off your athletic build while you're on a journey to be #1! 

Size Up is here to help you conquer the competition, to become a champion! 


Length 28.75" 29.5" 30.25" 31" 32"
Chest 19.75" 20.5" 21.25" 22" 22.75"

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