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Size Up White Casual Stretch Product Description

Looking clean, audacious and motivated is important in today’s highly competitive world. If you’re looking to showcase that you’re not only stylish but also fearless and focused, this Size Up white casual stretch is a perfect choice. Although deceptively clean and neat, this stretch sweater has fine details that also portray a sense of savviness, ultimately producing an incredibly dapper image.

This stretch white sweater has been designed to amplify all of your best features. Beginning with making your biceps and chest look bigger and more defined, this sweater will ensure that you’re looking as bold and strong as possible. However, this increased definition is subtle and not overbearing. Wearing the sweater provides a classy improvement of your features while not looking ostentatious.

Soft and fine fabric that has been woven for maximum comfort, as well as maximum durability, is showcased throughout the stretch sweater. As is common with all Size Up products, the sweater combines both comfort and practicality to the highest standards. This means that one does not have to sacrifice style at the cost of comfort.

This exceptionally crafted sweater is perfect for a wide range of different occasions. Wear the sweater with some jeans for the perfect casual look. If you’re looking for something more formal, simply add a blazer and you’ll look like a million dollars.




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    Tim Spence

    Destroying the competition!

    This is a shirt that is so nice you can go to church in it! Crazy good looking

    Size Up Insider