Size Up White Mid Socks

White Mid-Socks By Size Up

You have great shirts. Your drawers are packed with great workout shorts. You have shoes for every conceivable workout. Now what you really need are socks that look great, keep your feet dry, and feel comfortable. Size Up has not ignored your needs. They have released their White Mid-Socks to fill the gap in your wardrobe.

These socks are made with a great cotton blend that is designed to wick away the sweat from your feet and keep it out of your shoes. There is no worse feeling than having your shoes squish around from sweat. The mid-high socks are designed to ride below your calf muscles so they don’t restrict your body’s ability to cool. The word SIZE is proudly emblazoned in black, between a pair of black stripes, on each sock. The saying is fitting because the socks are just below your powerful calves and thighs.

The socks feature ribbed elastic in both the upper tubes and around your arch to make sure the socks stay in place as you work out. The socks look great when paired with casual shoes for a date night, too. If you have been looking for socks designed for your rugged lifestyle, Size Up has stepped up to provide them.

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