Size Up Women's White Signature Sports Bra

Size Up Apparel Women's Collection - White Signature Sports Bra

Wear it as a fashion statement or wear it for the protection and support you need during each and every workout. Size Up Apparel's Women's White Signature Sports Bra is basic but it is supremely versatile. You will want to wear it out to show off your toned upper body but you will also want to wear it so you have the comfort and support you need when at the gym, jogging or circuit training.

The fabric is comfortable and will keep you cool as you move. It is soft so it will not chafe your underarms. The ribbed trim has the SizeUp name and logo all around the bottom. The racer back gives you freedom of movement and a sexy appeal. Choose yours in sizes from extra small, small and medium to large.

The fabric is opaque enough that it gives you ample coverage no matter how you move. It is also lightweight enough that you can layer the bra with another. You will want to get several so that you have one for every workout every day or for every outfit, you need on the weekend while traveling or while relaxing at home enjoying a day off from the gym.

Length 9.5" 9.75" 10" 10.25" 10.5"
Chest 23" 24" 25" 26.5" 27.5"

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