Workout Clothing for Fall Season

It’s that time of the year again: The days are getting shorter, tank tops are being changed for full-sleeved t-shirts, and you’re breaking back out the jeans. In other words, summer is coming to an end and the fall is starting to arrive. 

Just because the fall is right around the corner doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. Fall marks the beginning of the leaves changing, the best foods, and a new line of workout clothing for you to enjoy. Let’s take a look at the workout clothing that should be in your wardrobe to get you ready for the fall.


The much-needed upgrade to sweatpants, joggers are of a more durable and better-quality material. They will keep your legs warm during this windy fall days or early morning jogs. One of the biggest differences between sweatpants and joggers is that the latter are far more stylish and can be worn outside of a fitness setting. Wear joggers during lazy Sundays, running errands, or a casual hangout with friends.


The female equivalent to joggers, leggings have become one of the most popular fitness apparel clothing trends in the last few years. What started out as a yoga class craze can be found everywhere. Women wear them while taking care of household errands, at work, and of course, the gym. Leggings aren’t just comfortable; they’re durable and maintain their elasticity regardless if your weight fluctuates. Wear them in the weight room, fitness class, or as a part of your Friday night outfit; leggings are the universal fitness apparel.

Long Sleeve Shirts 

Wearing tank tops, cut-offs, and loose compression t-shirts was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it? Now it’s time to cover up a bit with a long sleeve shirt. Keeping you warm during the chillier autumn months, long sleeve shirts can also help to safely boost your body temperature when fat burning is your mission. Combine a long sleeve workout shirt with joggers for maximum calorie burning. Similar to leggings, long sleeve fitness apparel can be worn outside of the weight room. Wear it as an undershirt beneath a button up or pair a long sleeve shirt with your nice jeans (no tears in the knees).


Depending on where you live, fall might feel a lot like the beginning of winter. If you don’t have the luxury of enjoying weather where jeans and a t-shirt are okay, then it’s going to be straight to the hoodies for you. Hoodies are excellent for workouts. They help you warm up efficiently, burn more calories by raising your body temperature, and give you that mysterious hooded look (if that’s what you’re going for). Hoodies can also be a staple for outside of the weight room as temperature drop in the evenings. Best of all, as you can see from our collection, hoodies can be as stylish as they are practical.

Crop Top Hoodie 

Ladies, when you want the warmth of a hoodie but you also want to show off that stomach you earned this year, what can you wear? A crop top hoodie. Perfect for early morning workouts, cold and cloudy days, and late-night trips to the gym, crop top hoodies keep you warm but still let people know what you accomplished. Just like with a normal-sized hoodie, crop top hoodies can support your warm-ups, workouts, and cool-downs.


Are you a dedicated runner who gets out to meet the day regardless of the wind or rain? Do you have to go through sports drills during the worst of the fall weather? Maybe you just want some extra cover as you make your way from your car to the gym door. You need a windbreaker. Designed to withstand the more annoying traits of mother nature, windbreakers can shield you from those stormy winds and light rain surprises. If your gym is particularly cold, keep your windbreaker on to help you warm up and get through your workout.

Workout Caps (Dad Hat)

What’s a fall day without a workout hat? Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean the sun still isn’t out and about. Protect your face from sunburn as you make your way to the weight room. Once inside, keep the hat on to let it catch sweat and complete your fitness apparel. When you’re not in the gym, your workout cap can complete your ensemble as you run off to work, complete errands, or hangout with your buddies.

Lifting Straps

If you follow a traditional bulking phase followed by a cutting phase, it’s that time of the year to start getting big. What better way to support your heaviest lifts than with lifting straps? Throw on the weight, eat yourself to recovery, and worry about getting shredded after the holidays.

What Do You Wear When the Temperature Drops? 

Are you a fan of the more stylish workout clothes that still allow you to show off those gains? Or do you get covered up from head to toe and let the results show when the summer returns? Let us know in the comments below!

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