Tips for Washing Denim


Denim is designed as sturdy apparel but they also need proper care and maintenance. You should follow the below-mentioned tips for washing your denim that will help to keep them in top condition for longer.

Wash Less Regularly

One of the most basic principles of washing denim is to wash them less regularly. You should not wash a pair of new denim for at least the first 90-120 days. During this initial period, the denim adjusts itself to your body contours and provides you an excellent fit. After this break in period, you will observe unique fading lines and patterns on the denim that will have a story to tell.

Clean Stains Without Washing

There can be minor stains on your jeans from time to time. there is no need to wash the denim for such stains. simply sprinkle some cold water on the stains and dab gently with a soft cloth or brush. You must not scrub the denim as it can fade the color unevenly that can spoil the look and feel of it.

Hand Wash is Better than Machine Wash

Handwashing your denim is better than machine wash. Washing machines can weaken the fibers and reduce the longevity of your denim. It is always better to wash denim in cold water. Hot water can damage the fabric fibers and reduce the lifespan of your favorite pair of denim. Washing in cold water saves time and is also energy efficient thereby contributing positively to the environment. You can soak your denim in a bathtub and wash it gently for best results.

Never Use the Dryer

Dryers offer you convenience in quickly drying your clothes. However, they are not always best for your apparel. Denim can be damaged easily by dryers. It is best to let your denim air dry preferably in shade. You should wash your denim in cold water preferably by hand wash. Turn your pair of jeans inside out and hang them in shade to air dry. You can also leave them in the bathroom to dry. Avoid drying them in sunlight as it can cause shrinkage.

Use a Mild Detergent

Denim should be washed using high-quality detergent. Avoid using detergents with harsh chemicals that can damage denim. There are specially manufactured detergents in the market that are meant for washing denim. They are mild and are ideal for cleaning denim. Soak the denim in your bathtub and add the detergent to the water. Leave it for at least 30 minutes before scrubbing gently with your hands.

Always remember to wash denim of the same colors together. Avoid washing them with clothes of different colors as it can cause color bleeding and spoil your denim.


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