Top Men’s Denim to Watch Out for in 2021

Top Men’s Denim to Watch Out for in 2021


The quintessential outfit of the early Americans, from the gold miners to the tough as nails cowboys, this one piece of clothing has held its own through the decades, crossing both cultural and national boundaries to make a place and a name for itself in the annals of clothing history. Yes! We’re talking about the versatile denim.

Trends have come and gone. But denims are here to stay.Since the 1850’s when it became the go-to wear for miners on account of its durability and versatility, no other garment has endured, not only within America but across the world, to become one of most iconic fabrics the world has ever known.

And with less than 100 days to the new year, expect this wardrobe staple to continue to dominate even in the new year.

The 12 Spring/Summer 2021 trends for men place the best quality jeans in both informal and business settings. Sporty and jazzy are also in.

Men’s designer jeans are overhauled, but classic colors and stylish options balance the scale and can be found in almost all male wardrobes.

While stalwarts like Lee Jeans and Levi Straus continue to hold fort, new players have joined the fray, bringing in a wide range of innovative and sustainable techniques to this multifaceted piece of cloth.

Here are some of the Top Men’s Denim to Watch Out for in 2021

We are sure you’ll have a couple of these closet staples in your wardrobes as well. And if you don’t, it’s time to up your denim game and your style quotient. Read on to know which ones are the pick of the lot, before you rush out to make that purchase.

Men’s Ripped Jeans

This is one style that never runs out of style, literally! In 2021, ripped jeans for men run the whole gamut – from naturally and artificially aged to narrow and wide, low and high waist.

Full-length and three-quarter ripped denims will be in vogue.Top brands Dolce & Gabbana, Levi’s, Galliano, Diesel, Frankie Morello, Just Cavalli and LTB are sure to add some rugged and rippling entrants to their collection. However, the classic blacks, grays and blues will rule the racks since classic never goes out of style.

The wide selection of types, styles and number of slits will make your head spin. But we’ve got you!


How to Pull it Off

Ripped jeans look fashionable for everyday wear with white t-shirts or shirts of the same color but different tone. Think light blue with dark blue. Or charcoal with slate. They’re also cool with sweatshirts or thin sweaters.

For parties, clubbing,or just hanging out with friends, stylists advise pairing ripped jeans with loud colored or linear patterned shirts. Here, contrast is key.

Leather flat sandals, colorful sneakers with white soles, oxfords and loafers are perfect for ripped jeans. Comfort and style are the only rules.

But no matter how trendy ripped jeans are, you can’t achieve a casual business look wearing one. Here’s a better option.

White Jeans – Denims Mean Business

A combination of high end and high quality, white denims are your ticket to the trendy business look in 2021.

White accentuates the body, so make sure you choose a cut that flatters your assets. It’s also a bit of a high maintenance piece, so reserve that pair for casual professional settings.

Keep those shirts and shoes businesslike as well. In terms of color, take advantage of the basic and organic nature of white and you’ll be able to rock that suave urbane professional look with panache.

Men’s Skinny Jeans

Elongated styles which can be rolled up, or models in 7/8 length, will be trending in 2021. They continue to rule in black, blue and gray.

Active young people are particularly drawn to skinny jeans and designers are not holding back when it comes to indulging them. Special cuts sporting a lowered step seamline will rule the ramp. Plus, options ofstretchy fabric and classic denim. Both will be popular for street or casual wear.

Men’s Skinny Jeans Fashion Trends for 2021

The color palette here ranges from camouflage prints in gray, blue or green to sand, marsh and beige hues. Accents include both simple and complex patches as well as scuffs and ragged decorations.

Belts in designer models will be either a classic tight waist coverage or elastic bands.

If you’re tall and slender, we’re envious. And your best bet would be a pair of skinny jeans that tapers off from the knee.This model exploits the hem to make your legs look shorter, eliminating what would otherwise be an awkward silhouette.

For men who are not as endowed in the height department, stylists suggest low rise skinny denims. It will create the illusion of vertically stretching the legs.

How to Pull it Off

Wear your skinny jeans with a loose t-shirt. Drape a sport jacket with sleeves lifted to the 3/4 line.

For the perfect sophisticated but coolget up, finish your outfit with high sneakers.

Are you the more conservative type? Very well.A decent combination would be skinny jeans with a denim shirt of the same color but with a lighter tone.

Grab a pair of boat shoes to complete your look.

Faded Men’s Jeans

No, we’re not talking about that trusted go-to pair in your closet. While there’s absolutely no harm in hanging onto them by the frays of their hems, don’t even think about pulling them out from the back of your closet.

In 2021, artificially aged denim jeans for men are the trend. Scuffs and holes are also an interesting addition.

Okay, we take it back. Go ahead and resurrect your naturally aged denims, but only if abrasions and gaps adorn them. In the right places, of course.

Don a premium brand t-shirt and trendy shoes to look like a million bucks. And, don’t forget that swagger.

Best Jeans for Men 2021 – Slim Cut

For the athletic and fit man, regardless of age, the slim cut cuts it.

We know. You stay away from skinny jeans as they don’t complement your hunky bod. But baggy jeans just don’t give justice to all the hard work that went into those muscles.

Enter the slim cut denim. They won’t constrict your legs like skinny jeans do.They’re not too loose, either. What you get is a comfortable, subtle emphasis on your glutes.

Some styles feature detailed stitching with various thread colors around the back and ticket pockets.

The best part? Slim cut denim jeans are waiting in the wings, all ready to make a big appearance in 2021.

Tapered Cut

Love high boots?How about cowboy shoes or motorcycle shoes? Well, you’re in luck.

In 2021, denims that are narrow from the knees down will be fashionable. The tapered cut, also known as tailored leg, is perfect for men with heavy lower legs.

Don’t fret if you have a tight shin. Tapered cut jeans will still look spectacular on you if paired with your regular casual shoes.

Also, there are models offering greater ease in the thigh area.This allows for high levels of comfort without sacrificing style.

Revtown has created the Decade Denim, a classic cotton denim with threads that provide just enough stretch but great durability. These jeans are also more sustainable, using shrimp shells, orange peels and nut shells. The innovative fabric comes from Italy, but the jeans are produced in a green denim mill in Guatemala where 100% of the waste is recycled. Now, isn’t that sustainably cool? Since sustainable living is all the rage at the moment.

Modern, Stylish and Comfortable Jeans for Men in 2021

Dad Jeans

Inspired by the cozy jeans of the 1980s and early 1990s, Dad jeans are just a tad shorter than “normal.” These denims are light-wash and loose in the thighs.

Following the throwback and retro trends, Dad dressing will be a thing in 2021. No clue on how to execute the look? Dig up your old man’s polaroids for inspiration.

Pair the jeans with a colorful sweater and Dad sneakers (why not?) on your weekend outing.

Raw Denim Jeans

This eponymous style is a tribute to the shrine of denim. Just original, high quality denim and nothing else. No frills, no fancy, just keeping it simple and real.

Added polyester fabric, artificial aging, coloring, bleaching, and abrasions have no place here. Only plain, raw, dense denim.

Men’s Jeans from Levi’s®

The sneaker market is formidable. They’re also picky. And their clamor for more than just sweatpants is reverberating through the industry.

Levi’sresponded. The original denim brand designed a pair to make you look spectacular even when wearing just sneakers. In fact, they are not to be worn with any other footwear.

The Hi-Ball Roll Jeans are cropped higher than the standard Levi’s, with a 2-inch pre-rolled cuff.

Another version of this style is geared towards sports fans. It features the Levi’s logo running down the leg, channeling the look of track pants.

Yep. We are a fan already.

Men’s Fashion Jeans – Denim Trends in 2021

The coming Spring/Summer Fashion Season heralds’stark opposites for denims.

On the one hand are jeans featuring cuffs, cuts, scuffs and rips. On the other are plain, simple and organic designs.

However, bling and rhinestones and accessories will no longer be fashionable. The same goes for decorative stitches and seams.

In 2021, designers for men’s clothing would prefer to go the straight and narrow - a straight cut highlighted by the aging denim style.

2021 Men’s Denim Looks – Trendy Colors and Styles

Whether you’re shopping for a pair of men’s denims online, at the mall, or in a boutique, color is as important as cut.

In the aftermath of 2020’s roller coaster ride, simplicity is what’s weighing on everyone’s minds.Hence, monochromatic and neutral tones coupled with clean lines.

Out of the Blue

For 2021, men’s fashion trends in denim jeansplay around the color blue. Expect most brands to carry various tinges of dark blue, light blue and indigo.

Classic black, the most popular color of most brands in 2019, will be noticeably absent next year. Except for cameo appearances.

Apparently, designersare deeming it too stark and harsh for the times andare opting for the calming cool hue of blue. Even the color white is now preferred for denims over black.

Bluer Than Blue

Covering a wide spectrum, from lightest to darkest, blue jeans are flexible.No matter what shirt you wear, and what shoes you pair, these jeans can take you places.

A wide variety of models ensures you have something for everything, and everywhere.Partying, a lazy weekend, strolling at the park, business meetings. You get the drift.

Different shades of blue can match not only your spring/summer outfits but your winter wardrobe as well.

During the warm season, a pair of blue jeans can easily elevate a simple t-shirt. Any color will do. Plain, statement or printed is fine, too.

And when the weather is cool, sweatshirts, jackets, trench coats and hoodies would also match your blue jeans perfectly.

Blue by You

Another trend to look forward to in 2021 is the combination of several colors in one pair of denim jeans. Designers are also experimenting with having different shades of blue at once.

For instance, instead of showing skin, gaps are covered with fabric of a contrasting hue. Light blue denim jeans will have dark blue patches where the holes are. The beauty of this style is that it allows men to wear their denims even in cold weather. Neat.

Going the Sustainable Route for Denim in 2021

Manufacturers and producers of jeans are becoming more aware of their business processes’ and its impact on the environment. Many now use raw materials without adding hazardous substances and chemicals to the mix.

To sum it up, 2021 is all about style balanced with comfort and the perfect fit to go with quality that will last through numerous washes and wears.



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