Check out what Top 8 Jeans Trend are in style 2020

Jeans are made from denim, and they are essential in every guy’s wardrobe. We practically wear denim jeans almost every day, and what we all have is that pair of jeans that we like and prefer above others, that pair of jeans that is in style even during 2020, and that forgotten pair of jeans at the back of your wardrobe.

The world has witnessed the evolution of jeans styles and cut in recent years. From skinny silhouettes right to loose cuts and wide legs. Jean trends are on a constant move.

Even though denim jeans are a fashion trend for men every year, we still have to know which of the jeans are in style for men this 2020.

Who does not wear jeans? Jeans are the go-to wears of men. From the cowboys, police officers, celebrities, athletes, business men and so on. It is convenient, appropriate and comfortable.

Let’s take a closer look at which top jeans trend are in style for men this 2020.


Yeah, we all know washed-out denim was the rave in the nineties and it has become one of the fashion obsessions that have been revived season after season. This throwback style should be a must have in every man’s wardrobe. How to wear? Washed-out jeans are light and easy to wear because of its soft texture. It is best worn indoors and paired with sports jacket and a plain tee shirt. 

Washed out Denims

Sturdy Work

Get ready cowboys, contractors, and my blue collar mates. These jeans are very strong and durable and they are specifically made to withstand rigorous work. Get that pair of work jeans with a sturdy boot and you are good to go.

Jeans Art

This is the new deal at the moment. Remember that faded, washed out jean you decided to keep in the back of your closet? Now is the time to bring it out. Oh yeah. That jean deserves revamping, and what other way to give it a new look than to have a creative painting on it. Artists are now in demand for their talents with a paintbrush and the jeans their easel to create artful expressions on the jeans. Art on jeans. Sounds cool yeah? 

Jeans Art

Mom jeans with art

Go Ripped

Ripped jeans have been out for quite a while, but it is still part of jeans that are in style 2020. Ripped jeans also known as distressed jeans, gives a funky and cool vibe. This type of jeans can be bought at stores and can also be done by you. How? Just take a pair of scissors to your jean and cut out anywhere. Wait, does that sound right? Yeah, basically, just rip out the part you want out.

Sizeup Ripped Jeans

The interesting aspect about ripped jeans is that no matter how ripped it is, it is fashionable. There is no rule for ripped. It is time to go ripped or go home! 

Skinny on skin

Skinny jeans are very tight jeans that are suitable for slim men. There are also the super skinny jeans which are incredibly super tight all over the leg. Skinny jeans are a less loose than super skinny jeans. Super skinny jeans are perfect for tall and slender men to show their long leg. How to know the right clothes that goes right with these jeans? Do not wear an extremely tight top. You can pair your super skinny jeans with a white top and an oversized T-shirt which will bring balance to the tightness of the jeans. 

Skinny Jeans

Straight is still a Bomb

Straight jeans have been a deal breaker since way back. These classic jeans should be a must have for every man in his wardrobe. All body types can wear these pair of jeans but take care not to go for a wide fit so as not to look bigger than usual. The whole length of the jeans is of the same size. You can pair your jeans with simple T-shirt and a formal shoe even with a slim fit shirt so as to give your outfit a balance.

It is really important to note that if you have a large body do not wear a skinny jeans.

Not Skinny but Slim

We do not want to confuse skinny jeans with slim jeans. Slim jeans are popular jeans which offers both smart and cool look. They are not tight like skinny jeans as they are more comfortable and give your leg a slim look.

Men with large body or legs can a wear a slim jean but make sure it does not look tight around the thighs. Go for a size that will be slightly loose over your leg. 

Slim jeans can be worn with any top or shirt. You can team it with a simple shirt and a pair of trainers.

Perfect White

We all know white is a color that needs to be worn delicately and with precision. White jeans are in style this 2020 and they give you the classic man look, and make you look like the coolest guy on the block. White jeans have taken a hike in popularity recently and it is one of the trendy looks out there.

White Jeans

Hottest Denim Style for 2020

When wearing your white denim make a contrast with dark colors to bring the best style. 

How Should Your Jeans Fit?

It is time for men to start noticing their pair of jeans and how it fits the body. How do I pick the right pair of jeans? A man should wear a jean that fits right and properly. Some people prefer straight legged fit that reveal their backside in a nice way, some prefer a loosed cropped fit or even a slim fit.

You look like Dwayne Johnson but you have your eyes on a pair of skinny slim jeans, that is really a big NO and you should think twice before trying it out. We don’t want you looking like an apology.

  • You need a pair of jeans that will accommodate your legs and not squeeze your thighs.
  • Your activities, is another factor for choosing the right pair of jeans. 
  • Try out different pairs and select the one that fits your style and fit your body perfectly.
  • For an averagely built and slim man, the best bet is slim, skinny and straight jeans.
  • Loose fit, straight fit, or tapered fit are the best option for men with larger legs.
  • There is nothing wrong going double up. That is, jeans shirt and jeans pants. All you need to know is to pair them right with the right footwear.

The best brands you should look out for


Levi’s is a popular brand we all know. You definitely have a pair of Levi’s in your wardrobe if you have not noticed, or if you don’t have one you would have heard of the brand. Levi’s as we all know is a very old brand. They have been in the denim business since way back before denim became a fashion must-have. Levi’s is a trustworthy brand with their affordable and quality jeans


Nudie Jeans

The Nudie brand rose up to create stylish and practical statuses in the denim business. The Swedish brand which is based in Gothernburg is known for their accessible and utilitarian denims. Their youthful and stylish designs have made rounds all over the denim world.


Wrangler jeans are mostly work jeans. They make sturdy and hard jeans suitable for outdoor activities. Their practicality and durability is top notch. For a good day at the building site, a wrangler jean is not a bad idea.

Mott & Bow

The brand is quite known for their affordable quality jeans. They mostly make the basic style of jeans which can be a go-to wear for every man. Mott & Bow offers the simple and urbanite everyday jeans.

Edwin Jeans

Edwin Jeans

Edwin jeans for men are also known for their durable hardy work jeans. Their practical denim is good for a tough rough day at work.

Size Up Apparel 

Size Up brand has taken the denim world by storm. The fitness brand has tapped into the denim world with quality and affordable jeans. Their trendy and youthful designs have made them to be a must have for every man. You can't go wrong having a SizeUp jeans. 

Sizeup Jeans

Maintaining your jeans this 2020 what you should know

Many men go months without washing or taking care of their jeans. Some believe you don't have to wash a pair of jeans. Why wash it when it still looks presentable? It is time to remember that maintaining jeans are going to make them last long and still look in shape.

How do you maintain it?

Your jeans do not need to be washed frequently. Stay six months before washing raw denim. When there is a slight stain on it, you use baby wipes to clean the affected area. You can also use a damp cloth or an old toothbrush coupled with a mild soap.

It is advisable not to wash your jeans frequently. Give it at least ten wears, then you can start thinking about washing it. How do you wash? Turn your jeans inside out which will help prevent loss of color and excessive fading. It is advisable to wash your jeans separately from other clothes and use cold water.

Some life hacks that might come in handy to get tricky stains out of your jeans

  • Use salt water or soap to clean out blood stains
  • For chewing gum, freeze your jeans to make it harden after which you scrape the gum off with a kitchen knife
  • Rub alcohol to grass stains on jeans, or if that doesn’t work, use toothpaste.
  • For oil stains, after you blot out the excess oil, baking soda can be used to cover the stain for an hour before you brush it off.
  • Use a half cup of distilled white vinegar in your final rinse when washing your dark denim to maintain it.

We don’t want any pair of jeans that is not in style on you this 2020. The world of denim jeans is wide and diverse. 

You might not get the best fit at your first trial, but after taking your time to narrow down your selections to the cut, style, brand, and quality you want, you will get what looks good on you. We want you to go to that Sunday cook-out, work, camping with a definite and cool style. Make your wardrobe happy by stocking up on the latest styles.

That's why Size Up is available for you to check out your preference and style of jeans. From Denim joggers to denim cargo pants to straight jeans to painted distress jeans, Size Up is sure to have what you want.

Size Up Apparel is a brand that is customer oriented and we also offer various work out clothes and other sportswear

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