Muscle Building Guide For Men's (GUARANTEED GAINS!)

Muscle Building Guide For Men's (GUARANTEED GAINS!) By Size up Apparels


What's up, guys? Today we're talking about building muscle,

and we're going to keep it basic, guys. I'm going to make this the most helpful Blog

you've ever seen on this topic and it might throw a few curveballs your way. I'm going to tell you right now, everything

that we do in this Blog is going to revolve around one thing. That is intensity. Not just what you might think it is, but also

how intensely focused you are on that goal, and how you're going to get there. Let me just clarify right off the bat that

that, but more importantly like I said in the opening, how intensely focused you are

on the goal that you're saying you are. If you're trying to build muscle here, and

that is what your goal is, how committed are you to it? It starts with a plan because if you don’t

have that you're not getting there.


I can guarantee you that. Think about how many times you've seen people

who walk into the gym, they accidentally think that just by swiping that gym card they've

somehow earned their man card. "I did it. I showed up. I'm building muscle." No, you're not. You haven't done anything yet. You've just shown up. When you go to the gym you have to have some

sort of plan for that day, and how it's going to get you closer to that goal. Then how it relates in the bigger picture

to where you're going from there.

How does that single workout set you up for

the next one? You see, far too many times I see people walk

into the gym and they're doing what they like to call "instinctive training". Instinctive training doesn't mean "I'm going

to do this machine because it's next to this machine." Realizing that this is an abductor machine

for my thighs, and this is a bicep curl machine. Sure, you might be on that Buns and Guns program

– or whatever it is that you're following at the moment – and maybe it's justified

in that case, but most of the time they're not. They're just walking around the gym doing

whatever is close to each other, with no real plan. That's instinctive, but not in a good way.


Or they're like "Well, I know better than that, I'll just do back exercises. I'm going to do a pull-down, I'm going to do pull-ups. They're all back exercises so I'm

approaching this very scientifically." Maybe not because what you're looking at here

is doing a bunch of vertical point exercises. Where are you working in your horizontal plane? Where are you changing the planes around? Are you just overlapping strength

curves? Should you be mixing in cables with dumbbells? Because you can get strength curves that are going to complement each other. So there's more to it than that, and if your

goal here is hypertrophy, you also have to understand that there is an element of strength

that needs to lay at the base of that.

You can't just come in – look, I know maybe

you've seen an exercise I've done on this channel that looked appealing, it looked creative,

it looked fun, you wanted to try it out, but there's got to be more to it than that. You have to be willing to commit to the basics. The compound movements. Relying on progressive overload to build that

foundation of strength because you're going to need the strength to ultimately help you

get as big as possible. But we know that there are elements here that

people overlook all the time because they don’t have a plan. You need to have a plan, and everything starts

from there. So the plan is in place now, but now you have to do something. This is where the second big focus comes in.


That is your effort. What are you doing? How much effort are you exerting when you

go to pick up the weights? This is your biggest opportunity because if

you blow this I'll tell you, you're not going to grow. Here's what I'm talking about. I'm going to show you in action what

it looks like. This is me just doing a set of an inclined

dumbbell bench-press. I want you to see what it's actually like

as I approach a set. I didn't go into this set thinking there's

a specific number I have to hit because right off that bat, throw the numbers out the window. The numbers are there for a guideline.



The hypertrophy range is in the 10 to 12 rep range. It could go 7, 8, 9. People can grow muscle on any of those ranges if the effort level is there. But in the generally accepted range of 10 to 12, how are you approaching this? Are you stopping just because you hit a number? That's a major mistake. Instead, let your effort guide you. Push as hard as you can. Try to accomplish something in this set that

you've never accomplished before, if possible. I realize that's not always necessary. Some people are going to stay "Well, what if I want to train for volume? If I'm training for volume here I'm going to be doing some maximal training."So every set is going to be some max and then we'll leave some in the tank. Let me tell you this about volume training,

guys. If the accrual, the addition, the added effect of all of those submaximal sets isn't in, and of itself, a stressor, or a stimulus for growth, then guess what? All you're doing is a bunch of shitty warm-up sets. You need to have that accrual of all that volume to become a stressor if it's going to provide the intensity needed to create an overload. So, guys, you need to bring whatever it is that you're training for. Bring that effort and intensity to every,

single thing you do and that is when you'll start to see those noticeable changes from your hard work. So I left you hanging there at the end of that last set for a reason. I wasn't finished. It looked like I might have been done, but

not quite so fast. What I do is add set intensifiers. For me, I am really on the rest-pause technique

here. Something that allows me to rest for a brief moment to recoup, to regroup, to get back a little bit of strength so I can push through another couple of reps. Every, single, additional rep that I can week out, every bit of extra effort that I can put out in this set is going to be a stimulus

for overload. It doesn't just have to be this. It can be a superset. It can be a drop set. There are a lot of other techniques that you

can use, but I really, highly encourage you to not just quit when you think it's over

because you'll be surprised at how much your

The body is holding back. Your mind is way stronger than what your body

is willing to give it. For once, let your mind be in charge. Let it say "You know what,? Get your ass back on the bench and give me

another couple of reps." You'll be surprised at what will come out

of your body. I can guarantee you this: more reps. So use these set intensifier techniques if

you want to see more from your workouts. So you have the plan, you exerted the effort,

you went the extra mile here with the set intensifiers, and the set is over. Now, what happens? Well, if you're doing it the right way you're going to respect your rest, or you're going

To do this. You're going to take out your phone and start looking for what's going on with Instagram, or maybe checking out what's going on with

Facebook, or maybe even – if you're going to do a YouTube link, you're going to my channel,

I hope – and you're looking for a Blog there. But that's not what you want to do when you're

training. Instead, the only thing you should be taking

this phone out for is to set the timer and make sure that you're getting your ass back

on the bench again to do the next set exactly when the timer tells you to. If you're training for hypertrophy, I always

like to say you can train hard, or you can train long; but you can't do both. If you're training for hypertrophy get yourself

back in there with 60 to 90 seconds of rest.

You'll be surprised – for those guys that

like to go on the phone – how fast that comes around. I want you prepared, and ready for the next set so when the timer hits you're going into the next set. That's a very short period if you start to hold yourself accountable for that. If you're training for strength, on the other side of the coin, you might be trying to extend those rest periods. More like 3 to 5 minutes, neurologically allowing your body to recover, and regroup so you can come back and attack that next set of your 1 to 3 rep max with a lot more intensity. But don’t train for hypertrophy and rest for strength. And don’t train for strength and rest for hypertrophy.

You have to have just as much of a plan for

your rest as you did for your work set, as you did for your overall workout. It's all part of the equation. Okay, last but not least – not by a long

shot – if you're a natural lifter, and you're trying to build muscle when it comes to learning

the basics here you must respect your recovery. Just as much, if not more, than everything

else you did up to this point because you can get it almost all right, but if you screw

up your recovery you're never going to build muscle. It's just like the guy who walks over the

tight rope, he holds that balance beam, he's doing great. Except when he gets right to about, maybe

90% of the way there, if he falls off, guess what he is?

He's dead. Not close. He's dead. You need to approach your recovery the very

same way. That means you need to take seriously your

sleep, your nutrition, your supplementation, your management of your stress levels;

all the things that will dramatically impact your ability to either recover from

your training or not recover from your training at all. Just because it's the part that's inactive,

the part where you're not doing the pushing, or the pulling, or the squatting; the stuff

that seems boring is just as impactful on the overall picture as that element of your

training. So guys, make sure you're getting your recovery


Muscle Building Diet | Full Day of Eating

Exercise Is Not Everything It Doesn’t Matter What is Your Fitness Gold You Should Eat Well When You’re Building Muscle Or Doing Fat Loss The topic for todays’ Blog is ‘full day diet plan for muscle building’ In this Blog I will be sharing all the meals you should be eating throughout the day for muscle building Including breakfast, lunch, dinner and pre-post workout meals Lets’ start our Blog First we will talk about how you should begin your day Many people drink lukewarm water in the morning which is a good thing But here I am adding 1 tsp sugar and 2 pinches of salt The reason for this is that it will keep your muscles hydrated throughout the day and along with that it will improve your digestive system Along with this you can eat handful of almonds and walnuts And after 30 minutes to 1 hour you can have your breakfast Firstly I would like to inform you all that I am no nutritionist


Breakfast meal -

But I do have an experience of 20 years and accordingly I can suggest what to eat for meals during the day if you are looking to put on some muscle First meal of the day is breakfast In this you can eat white oats I have taken 40 gm white oats here, boiled in plain water and I have added salt and cinnamon to it Second item is sapota (chikoo), do eat it in your breakfast For protein source we are eating 8 eggs here in which 2 are whole and 6 are egg whites only Along with this you can eat a sandwich made with brown bread and the filling inside is made of approx. 100 grams mashed potato This is a complete meal inclusive of protein, complex carbohydrates and fats This will help you stay energetic throughout the day 2-2.5 hours after your breakfast you should eat a post breakfast meal One thing you need to keep in mind is that in the name of caloric surplus you cannot eat anything and everything You need to keep the quality and quantity in check.


Lunch meal -

And keep these things in mind I have given options for post breakfast meal and these are Chickpeas (safed chole) which have been soaked overnight then boiled in a pressure cooker, approx. quantity is 150 gm 150 gram of paneer We will mix these two in a bowl and add some chaat masala for taste On top of it I will add 5ml of flaxseed oil to it You can add some chopped onions and tomatoes to it as well I will also eat an apple here and with this it becomes a healthy option for midday snack After this I will proceed towards my lunch In lunch you can eat 250gm of chicken This has been prepared in a gravy consisting of tomatoes and onions This is chicken breast Along with this eat 200gm of white rice

A lot of people prefer brown rice as well, you can eat that too but I eat white rice as it is easy to digest Take 1 bowl of moong dal and 1 quarter plate of salad along with it for sure Because it is a muscle building diet you need to maintain protein and carbs balance properly If you want to know the calorie calculation, it is very simple too 50% of your calories should come from carbohydrates, 35% of calories should be from proteins and 15% calories should come from fat. Now let us move towards our next meal

Pre-workout meal-

 It is a very important meal and for this you can eat 1 bowl of curd, add approx. 150gm of boiled potatoes to it I will add some salt to it for taste and mix it well Along with this I will eat 6 boiled egg whites as my protein source This is a great meal for pre-workout but you need to make sure that you eat it at least 2 hours before your workout Because only then it will digest properly and can provide you energy for your workout After workout we will eat our post workout meal.

Post Workout Meal -

In which the first thing you need to consume is whey protein in 200ml of water You can take either isolate or concentrate according to your preference Along with that you can eat 250gm of sweet potato and 1 banana If you can carry this meal with you to the gym, well and good Because you need to eat this meal within 15-20 minutes after your workout Only then the muscle breakdown which happens during the workout can start repairing 1 hour after your workout you will do your omega meal A lot of you might be wondering what an omega meal is In this meal you will consume good fat 5 ml of MCT oil, 2 gm of fish oil and 2 gm CLA As you need to intake 15% of your calories from fat, to fulfil the daily requirement I have added this meal here

1.5 hours after your omega meal you should eat the last meal of the day i.e.

Dinner Meal  –

In this you can eat 250gm chicken but if you want to eat fish you can eat that too For carbs you can eat 3 rotis Along with this you need to take 1 bowl of green veggies Here I am using bottle gourd and beans but you can eat any other gree veggies as well This is my complete meal micro and macronutrients which will help you a lot for muscle building But eat this meal 2 hours before going to sleep so that it digests properly With this all our meals for muscle building are complete This was our Blog for today And in this Blog I have shared with you all what to eat, when to eat And what is the importance of each meal if you want to build muscle


Top 5 Gym Wear During Workout - 

Working out to get a sizzling body is always worth to sweat out your ass off for. If your determination towards shaping your body as well as your gym wear game is strong, then you are almost there my friend!

Right gym wear is as important as the right technique to perform a certain set of exercise. Your gym clothes must provide you flexibility while working out yet accentuate your well worked out body. Gym clothes, nowadays are expected to be comfortable yet classy.

If you are really dedicated towards setting up some serious toned body goals then you are bound to wear some comfy, windswept and flexible clothes. To ease up your decision of best gym wear, here’s a list of some of the highly recommended gym clothes-

Top wear

  • Tank top-

A tank top consists of a sleeveless shirt with low neck and different shoulder straps width. The fitting of tank tops is relaxed and a little loose, which is why you can perform all your gym activities freely.

The sleeveless cut ensures that your arms get enough unrestricted space for the biceps. As far as the ventilation during the gym exercises is concerned, tank tops are on the top of gym wears for men.

Top Tank Size up

You can use a tank top for your workouts and also to show off your hard-earned body on your rest days.


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The fit is relaxed and a little loose, so you can stay in your best form while the premium cotton blend fabric allows for maximum breathability and movement.

The sleeveless cut ensures your arms get enough unrestricted space for your bicep curls.

Use this tank for your workouts or to show off your hard-earned guns on your rest days.

You can pair this with your favorite Size Up athletic joggers or wear this with one of your collection of Size Up workout shorts or even with your denim jeans.

  • Curved Hem Cut Off-

The curved hem cut off will highlight your masculine features and will make you stand out in the gym for your classy gym wear choice.

These are made up of breathable lightweight fabrics that are perfect for arduous activities. For comfort plus style, you can always choose a curved hem cut off and rock your gym session like a pro!

Size up top Wear

Size Up Black Distress Curved Cut Off - SHOP NOW 


Look masculine and rugged at the same time without sacrificing style when you wear the Size Up Black Distress Curved Hem Cut Off. With ripped hemlines and a rough look, this sleeveless top will highlight your masculine features!

What makes this unique is the random hole design which makes it's even more catchy to the eyes. A unique wardrobe for your regular workout or you can just rock this tank walking down the street going into a convenience store to buy something.

Size Up Black Distress Curved Hem Cut Off Features:

  • Breathable lightweight fabrics that are perfect for hot days and strenuous activities.
  • A distressed and rugged appearance for optimum masculinity.
  • Drop armhole cut


  • T-shirts-

There is nothing we don’t know about the friendly features of a t-shirt. A t-shirt is everybody’s go to buddy for any occasion. But as far as the gym session is concerned, a t-shirt could be your best friend, it is comfortable, casual, flexible and will rake up your body features like no other top wear ever could.

A body hugging t-shirt will be the icing on the cake for your well worked out body.

In winter, all these could be worn with zip ups, jackets and windbreakers on your way to the gym.

 Size up Top Wear

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Bottom wear

  • Cargo shorts-

Normal shorts are out of style. Cargo shorts are more hot to add in your gym clothes. With breathable fabric and trendy design, these cargo shorts add fun to your gym session.

Choose these over everything while going for the gym as these are airy, comfortable and best in quality to provide the flexibility while sweating your ass off in the gym.

 Cargo Size up

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 Mens Cargo Shorts

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  • Cargo Joggers-

Since cargo joggers are lightweight, have stretchable material and breathable fit, these last through tough leg days and wash cycles without rasping against your legs.

Whatever physical activity it is, these cargo joggers keeps you going, you can power through any workout routine and stay in form comfortably because these joggers won’t let you down.

 Cargo Jeans Size up

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Mens Streetwear Joggers

Size Chart

Size Waist Hip
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XXL 35.5" 46.5"
3XL 37.5" 48.5"

"I’ve wrestled with alligators. I’ve tussled with a whale. I done handcuffed lightning. And throw thunder in jail." - Muhammad Ali

  • Color: burnt red-orange, acid-washed.
  • Soft and slightly stretchable fabric blend
  • Tapered fit; loose upper half, fitted calf area
  • Cuffed ankle hem
  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

This burnt, acid-washed, red-orange men's training joggers and cargo pants hybrid from Size Up was made with the bold, assertive, and athletic man in mind.

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It has a cuffed ankle hem, so wear this with the coolest pair of sneakers, running, or training shoes that you'd like to show off.

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There you have it, guys. Complete Guide For Muscles Building . It isn't, as you can see, that complicated. But it's also not easy because it does take a lot of effort. It's going to require, above anything else, that intensity, and it's also going to require that you are intensely focused on making sure that you're not overlooking any of those elements.

Along with this just keep two things in check First, how is your training? This means that how much do you exercise weekly and what is the level of your focus Second, make sure your sleep pattern is good A lot of people sleep for very few hours due to which they are unable to gain muscle I hope you all liked the Blog If you enjoyed it please press the like button Share this Blog with your friends and family because knowledge should be spread amongst everyone I will keep bring more such informational Blogs for you all And will try to bring my best of knowledge for you all Till then, do subscribe to our Newsletter  Share the Blog.




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