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Hi and thank you for visiting our About Us page. I really appreciate the time you’re putting forward to check us out.

Let me give you a bit of background about me first before I introduce some of the people behind Size Up Apparel.

My name is Chase Campbell and yes, that’s me in the picture. I hope to make this quick so as not to waste your time and telling you a bit of my story would really help you understand the brand we’re trying to build.

- Chase Campbell - CEO, Size up apparel

Back in 2011, while I was in high school, my father’s job suddenly got outsourced overseas and he was left with no job. A few months later, we lost our house because we were not able to make regular payments. We became homeless. True, it was the toughest time of my life but it also became pivotal point for me. I knew I had to make money so I hustled.

I considered a lot of things even to a point where I thought maybe I could make money dealing illegal substance - but heck, never went forward with this because the risks simply outweighed the rewards (if you’re thinking about going through this path, please stop - you can make it out there without having to resort to something illegal).


We started off

Selling Supplements on Amazon and ebay

Long story short, I ended up selling supplements on both Amazon and Ebay. It was so big back then that I started a website called sizeupsupplements.com. I wouldn’t say it was easy-peasy, there were struggles I had to overcome every now and then. The biggest thing that kept people from buying repeatedly was that I always made sure I had the lowest price for what I was selling. 

Eventually, I needed a place to serve as a warehouse for all the products I’m selling and a great offer (from my friend’s father) came in. Instead of having a warehouse, I ended up starting a brick and mortar store and gave away a bunch T-Shirts (plus shaker cups and stickers) during the grand opening.

Then we got our first store opened

Things changed

Drastically after that first store

I thought maybe we’d have 25 - 50 people come in during the grand opening. I was shocked to find out that people have already lined up outside the store before we opened at 10AM. That day ended with 310 customers total. It made me realize the power of “FREE” stuff (just kidding!). 

But that said, I continued giving free T-Shirts in the next 3-4 months to new customers. In my opinion, if they wear the shirt, they’d be like a walking billboard to the brand and it’s well worth the cost. I believe that’s how the brand “Size Up” was built. It was synonymous to something either cheap or free yet of great quality. 

Size Up Apparel was born out of necessity. The supplement stores were doing good, in fact, so good that people kept on asking me where they can “buy” those shirts I was giving away free. Light bulb and few years later (2017), I launched Size Up Apparel.

I didn’t realize it at first but it seems that what I’ve been doing over the years led to the foundation of the brand “Size Up”. I was always pro customers - let’s give them something of value so that they know we care. This led to me establishing Size Up Apparel as a clothing brand that not only cares for you but also cares about quality AND more importantly, your wallet!










orders fulfilled


The people that

Made us possible

Julian Szczepankowski

Chief Operating Officer

I am a proud father of two beautiful children, Julian IV (4 years old) and Isobel (2 years old). I had a very rough life and experienced many hardships most people never have to experience. When I was 6 years old, I witnessed my father get shot and killed in front of my house. My mother was my soul provider and worked her ass off to provide a good life for the both of us. When I was 20 years old, my mother had a fatal heart attack and passed away. When my mother passed, I was forced into the reality of adult life. I feel no matter what obstacle ones faces, he/she will prevail with hard work and faith. I take pride in my work ethic and refuse to ever be out worked. I spent 8 years at Ford Motor Company working as production supervisor before taking the position as COO at Size Up Apparel. I believe in Size Up and our products. I currently oversee all Size Up Apparel operations, I lead an Affiliate program with over 200 Affiliates, I’m the companies liaison, I handle our support calls and I’m head of promotions. Outside of work, I am an artist and writer. I paint, draw and sketch using acrylic paints and markers. I love to journal and write. I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it!

Lenny Ligotti

Senior Store Manager

Leonard “Lendawg” Ligotti has been a member of team Size Up for 1 year now currently as Regional Manager. Currently working on promotional events, customer service training, and daily operations. He works between four of the Michigan stores and at Size Ups Supps HQ and Warehouse. Leonard went to high school at Warren De La Salle and won a state championship in baseball in 2009. Leonard went to college at Oakland University and studied Wellness and Health Science. LenDawg can be reached on his Instagram @lendawgsu or email lenligotti33@gmail.com for any information on job opportunities, customer service questions, or anything else regarding Size Up in general.

Naz Scott


Fitness & Nutrition expert with 10 years of experience in personal training. I enjoy competing in Classic Physique & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When I’m not training or working my down time is spent on personal development & of course hanging with my dog Zeus.

Josiah McLain 


Josiah is a student in college currently studying exercise science and sports medicine, and has been working out since 7th grade and looks to compete in men’s physique in the near future. Working at sizeup has allowed him to talk and share my love for fitness with many different individuals, and help them on their way to their goals.

Tom Drezek


There’s nothing in this world Tom loves more than movies. His love of movie like Rocky and the Terminator have allowed him to push himself and make fitness as much a part of his life as the films he loves.

Alex Tribuzio

Sales Associate

Alex Tribuzio is 20 years old  and he grew up in Rochester hills. Currently at Oakland University studying homeland security. 

Jake Tyler


Jake struggles with picking between his two loves, fitness and chocolate. His mindset and dedication has allowed him to be self taught on the fitness world from supplements, nutrition, to workouts. He loves to help others reach their goals as he strides for his. 

Dan Trombley


Daniel Trombley has worked for Size up for 8 months now. He currently works as a sales associate at the chesterfield and Shelby stores. He has a great passion for fitness, nutrition and supplements and is always happy to help our customers find whatever they need to reach their fitness goals. @daniel_trombley

Amir Jusic


Personal trainer, bodybuilder, food connoisseur, dog lover. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our goal is to provide a sincere and personalized connection to every customer! Our product speaks for itself and our commitment to our consumer is rare in today’s society. In a world of corporate juggernauts, we take pride in being the underdogs and that’s the image we embrace.

We go to work every day with a chip on our shoulder to better ourselves as a company and as individuals. Our product is made for those with callused hands, grit, and swagger.

Mission and Vision

“They ain’t cut
like us!”

We take pride in being a dying breed - the working man and woman! In today’s world, everything is coddled to the individual. Our target consumer is those who wake up every day and put blood, sweat, and tears into owing their position.

Size Up is committed to providing the best customer service possible - we guarantee we will never be outworked by any competitor. We want our customers to take pride in all the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful! We are confident in our products and we challenge our competition to match our hunger, pricing, and quality!

Thank you for your continued support

Company Information


50421 HAYES RD
SHELBY, MI 48315

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