Size Up Black Pocket Joggers

Black Pocket Joggers From Size Up

One of the things I have always hated about joggers is the lack of good pockets. The Size Up Black Pocket Joggers solve the issue in style.

The Black Pocket Joggers feature two side pockets, like many other joggers, but Size Up was just getting started. They added a thigh pocket with a secure closure for added storage. You also get a back pocket with a zipper to secure your wallet or other items. I can easily stash my wallet, cell phone, keys, and cash in my pockets when I run out to the grocery store or head to the gym.

The pants are made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and Spandex. They breathe great, so are awesome to wear on a warm day or even for a job around the park. The crotch has a slight drop so it does not rub and chafe.

Size Up added stitched panels to the knees to make sure the joggers' hold-up. We all know how easy it is to rub through knees when we wear our joggers for a workout or some serious play.

Size Up snuck their logo on to thigh and rear pockets, which works great to break up the black color. I love to wear these joggers to hang out with friends, or for a quick workout at the gym.

Length 39.25" 40" 41.25" 42.5" 43.75"
Waist 13.75" 14.5" 15.25" 16" 17"
Inside Seam 27.25" 27.5" 28.25" 29" 30"

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