Size Up Neon 3/4th Pocket Pants

3/4th Neon Pocket Pants From Size Up

The 3/4th Pocket Pants from Size Up are the perfect choice when shorts are just too short, and pants are too long. The neon green-yellow will let everyone know when you enter the room, but what keeps their attention is how these 3/4 pants show off your muscles. Your lower legs are fully on display with the pants cut just below the knee.

The cotton, spandex, and polyester blend make the pants stick close to your body, making sure everyone knows there are powerful thighs lurking below. The pants are cut with a slight drop in the crotch to make sure they are comfortable for a run, a workout, or for having fun. The knees have stitched on reinforcements which blend into the shorts, making sure the pants will last.

The pants have an external drawstring so you can adjust the fit. You have 3 pockets to stash your gear, with two hip pockets and one cargo pocket on the thigh. A black Size Up Winged Logo makes its appearance on the cargo pocket. The breathable fabric keeps you cool, while the wide waistband makes sure you never get pinched in a roll-up. These are an all-purpose pant which works great for going to a movie, a day at the beach, or even if you make a quick stop at the gym.

Length 21.5" 22.5" 23.25" 24" 24.75"
Waist 13.75" 14.5" 15.25" 16.15" 17"



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