15 Different Types of Gym Wear for Women

15 Different Types of Gym Wear for Women

Keep yourself fit with different types of athletic wear every woman has in their wardrobe. we will tell you the workout Tights, T-shirt, bra, socks everything.

The rise of casual wear, women’s sportswear has undergone a huge change. The whole dynamics of sportswear for women has changed, a trend in which fitness and workout wear can also be worn in an other occasions and settings.

Have a look at some of the most popular types of gym wear for varies styles and look more attractive while working out.



Tops are the most essential wear for women that should be available in different type and style. So it’s very important to get one with good quality and size because it play a major role in gym to improve your performance during training session.

There are whole variety of tops available and you can choose one best for you.


   Size Up Women's Lavender Crop Tank

Size Up Women's Lavender Crop Tank

This type of sleeve top can be worn by both men and women undershirt. Most popularly and traditionally, tank top is women sportswear. Tank tops are the excellent options for gym wear because of it design and manufacture. They have large armholes and neck hole ensure great durability. It allows passing of air through the fabric while doing intense workout, the reason you see majority of women wearing these sleeveless shirts during workout.

Tank top are no pocket, no button, no collar specially designed a tight fit, used by ribbed cotton fabric.

Long-Sleeved Top

Size Up Women's Midnight Black Top Long Sleeve Crop Top

Size Up Women's Midnight Black Top Long Sleeve Crop Top

Size Up Women's Midnight Black Top Long Sleeve Crop Top

Staying in shape and showing off your body while working out has never been easier thanks to our Size Up Women's Midnight Black Top Long Sleeve Crop Top. The stretchy fitted material provides bust support while giving you the perfect range of motion during all activities. You will enjoy the protection the long sleeve offers during the cooler months and even on exceptionally sunny days. Our blend of fabrics is breathable and won't cause irritation or excessive sweating.

This sexy long sleeve looks great paired with any one of our joggers and the solid black color is resistant to fading. We have decorated our long sleeve with contrasting white detailing and our fun Size Up logo. We believe that this modern crop top is the answer to every woman's workout routine and is guaranteed to become a trusted staple in your closet! Our top is carried in sizes XS to L.


Specs Of Midnight Black Top Long Sleeve Crop Top:

  • A stretchy reinforced construction that offers a fitted sexy look.
  • A breathable blend of fabrics that is easy to launder and won't shrink during the wash.
  • Contrasting white against black stitched design elements to offer interest.
  • A cropped look to show off your feminine curves and your ripped stomach.

This is a best option for any woman’s workout or gym wardrobe. Long Sleeved top shirts are the best type of gym wear for women who wanted to cover their arms while working out.These kinds of top are best for during the warm-up sessions. They are meant to be a tight fit so they are made from materials which easily stick to body.

Long-Sleeved top provides a lot of comforts while workout and improved performance. It’s often made with high-tech polyester which is a moisture-wicking fabric, these shirts soak away all moisture from the body


‘T’ Shaped back behind the shoulder blades. This unique shape top has ease and gives comfort of movement during sports for women. ‘T’ Shaped Racerbacks is their amazing cut that helps them to show backmuscles and shoulders. Women can easily check their form in mirror after workout and checkout their muscle.

This sleeveless top workout clothes worn by women which is exceptionally beneficial for women because of comfort and ease of exercise they provide.


Women, always have to look for their chest while performing high-intensity exercise. They require the perfect type of innerwear that allows them to limits movement in the upperpart. Sports bras have proven to be the best of innerwear.

 Sports Bra

Sports Bra


Size Up Women's Soft Grey Sports Bra

Size Up Women's Soft Grey Sports Bra

A woman's grey sports bra can be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Fashion designers say that the number one priority for any woman that is large chested, (C cup or better), should be to find a sports bra with maximum adjust-ability and minimal stretch. Other important features include front closures, padded shoulder straps, and encapsulated styles that prevent bounce and chafing while at the same time keeping the breasts separated.

The best tip for women with smaller chests is to wear high quality, true sports bra. Do not simply rely on built-in shelf bras. Since support is not the main issue, a Soft Grey sports bra's priority for small chested women should be a comfort. Choose a sports bra that has light, wicking type fabrics that provide plenty of movement.

Also, small chested women should choose a sports bra that is stylish as opposed to a bra that tries to "smoosh" the twins together. There are many excellent sports bras they can be purchased online for both small chested and large-chested women.

Of course, all sports bras come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and designs. Choose a sports bra that is constructed well because the better quality sports bras will perform better and last longer!

These is the most essential workout bra for women and very necessary. You must choice Sports Bras made of 100 percent cotton, and go for bra made from a piece of moisture wicking fabric. Sports bras have quality to bring exceptional support and comfort to women when they are in gym. You must choice the one which is tighter than your regular bra, but they’re comfy to let you breathe.




After tops and innerwear, pants are another essential wear which let you perform efficiently. When choosing pants, it is very important to select something comfortable, robust, quality and long lasting. Some of the most popular and common types of gym pants for women, each has unique features and benefits.



Sweat Pants

Traditional sweatpants sport “baggy” style, tend to be loose. However, form-fitted shaped with great flexibility and comfort are available, best during running or workout sessions. All gym clothes must be made of moisture-wicking materials like polyester or cotton. Thus, these sweatpants too. Mostly contain drawstrings, elastic waistband, may or may not have pockets.

Most of the women have been wearing these pants as sportswear in gym or sport even since long time. It can also a good choice for winter, as they stick to skin and keep you warm too.


Sweat Shorts

Size Up Women's Slate Black Shorts

Size Up Women's Slate Black Shorts

Sweat-shorts are commonly worn by women to make them feel sexy in gym. These shorts are comfortable as pants, except that they are quick drying and shorts so they make a great option for the summers. Sweat shorts are the best alternative to nylon and mesh shorts. They help in giving you the edge to have a great athletic performance.

These sweat shorts are made of breathable materials like French terry or sweatshirt fleece, which great sweat wicking material. This material is amazingly flexible, makes them the ideal sportswear option for a burning leg day.


Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts often worn by women as casual attire and very popular as gym wear specially for running exercise. Their length till the upper knee or may be till end of knee, which gives them the length ideal for gym or athletics.

Bermuda shorts not just comfortable but they are an incredibly low-impact activewear option that doesn’t stress the body and allow women to carry on with their running or gym smoothly and freely. Bermuda are often worn as high-waist means they stick to the body nice and tight and gives no inconvenience when women are in the middle of fitness routine.



Size Up Women's Rose Gold Fitted Joggers

Size Up Women's Rose Gold Fitted Joggers

Size Up Women's Rose Gold Fitted Joggers

You could never go wrong with joggers; they’re the comfiest and an all-around must-have in your wardrobe.

But the Size Up Women's Rose Gold Fitted Joggers offers a unique style into the jogger world. It’s lightweight and stretchy material ensures you get the best comfort while you’re in the gym or simply hanging out at home.

A ribbed design runs along with the fitted jogger for support and to accentuate your toned thighs and bum. The tapered calf is accessorized with a zipper that you can zip down if you want that sleek look and zip up if you want that casual look.

The Rose Gold color is easy to wear and match with other tops or jackets. No matter what style you’re into, you get the best with the Rose Gold Fitted Joggers!

Leggings and tights are not popular as Capri or sweat short for outwear for sports. They are in fact very beneficial for athletic women, as they are comfortable type of yoga pants. Tights are often worn as high-waist and it goes all the way from waits to ankles. They provide a great amount of warm during cold weather, compared to sweatpants.

They are usually made with a piece of fabric described as moisture-wicking that soak sweat and moisture from skin during working out.Legging or tights usually have a compression in fabric that helps in fit legs like second skin. This helps provide extra support which also increase the degree of blood circulation to the legs.


Capri Shorts

Capri pants known as the most attractive sport wear, these are the type of leggings that often go down to the mid-calf of leg. They are excellent for warm weather and are often comfortable summer. Capri pants are often made from a material called spandex, which is highly stretchable, lightweight fiber. This stretch allows ease and comfort during gymming.



When choosing workout socks, one must consider factors like comfortable heel, material, absorbing quality, etc. There is maybe no quicker way to ruin a gym experience wearing the wrong kind of socks. If you are average or casual walker or marathon runner, wrong sock can spoil entire gym session.

Find out some of the most athletic type of women socks, they are truly exceptional for the benefits they provide and they performance so well.


Low Cut Socks

These socks are thin, have protective build up which makes them quite comfortable and breathable during workout. They also have ventilated foot providing an elevated during gym. This midfoot provide grip and protects the foot from blisters.

The best things of low-cut socks are that they have breathable mesh panels or air vent, for sweat and moisture disperse. They are designed with a construction that seeks to provide you maximized support and performance.


  Running Socks

For women the most important feature should consider is the material of the socks. Wrong material can cause damage such as painful foot blisters, corns, chafing. Choosing 100% cotton could be worst thing can be done because cotton material easily gets wet and stays wet for longer, this means that if sweat in feet, all sweat and moisture will stick to socks.

Moisture-wicking fabrics makes them quick dry, like synthetic materials like acrylic and polyester are breathable and non-chafing. These socks have cushioned from ankle side which provides added support and protect feet when need during working out

 Elite Micro Socks

These socks are for runner, who want to exercise with ease and comfort, elite micro socks are made of elastane, merino wools, and nylon. They also consist light cushion that promote minimal cushioning. These type of performance in the high degree. They have vent zones to pave the way for moisture and provide breathability.


Compression Socks

The movement has significantly propelled the use of compression apparel especially due to the fact that they have benefits to offer to athletes. Compression socks have many medical benefits associated. They aren’t great for running or physical activities, but have really aid physical health.

These provide assistance in circulation of blood and fluid out of legs. They create venous pressure that prevents fatigue in workout and prevent swelling.




As essential sock is, footwear is equally important. Wrong shoes at gym cause serious problem. Your feet are the only part of the body that actually push us beyond the limit and they take a heavy and serious impact. Some of the footwear for women can really help them performing workout.

              Running Shoes

When we say running shoes, you must be thinking of a brands like Puma, Reebok. Since they are really good brands that provide best footwear.  There is a difference in men’s and women’s feet which is why the main difference between the types of running shoes meant for. Women have a narrow heel in small foot, athletic women tend to have narrower heels and higharches.

So for running shoes for women, must look for soft, light, breathable mesh on the upper side to have pave way for extra sweat or moisture and provide vent in it.

              Minimalist Shoes

These shoes have stirred up a debate in the fitness world because some believe minimalist shoes contain a major injury-prevention benefits while others claim they actually put person at a big risk of injuries.

Minimalist shoes are those that are designed to resemble barefoot walking or running experience. It has been made with the being lighter weight, thin soles and reduced cushioning. This creates a chances for increased sensory contact between ground and foot, while oferring maximum protection from physical damage.

Isn’t truly amazing there is such a huge variety of gym wear for women and branded product available in your cart, just need to order now and you can enjoy the best gym product in your gear.

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