4 Important Gym Exercises You Are Doing Wrong

Big Hi to all the Reader, how are you all, hope all are well with a new Blog I’m here in front of you once again and today's Blog,I will tell you 4 such important exercises that we all do but many people perform these exercises incorrectly I will tell you what mistakes people do in general And how to perform the exercises properly Let's Start our Blog the First exercise I have to choose is the lat pull down My reason for doing this is that this is a common exercise everyone does And many people perform wrongly so the most common mistake is that



Whenever people pull the bar, they bend too much which should not be done So basically you have to sit straight, chest lift, core tight, lower back inside And from this you have to pull the bar Can bend slightly but you don't have to bend too much so try to sit up straight Second is that people put a lot of weight in the process of doing ego lifting and cannot perform full-motion many people When pulling the bar

4 Important Gym Exercises You Are Doing Wrong

They bring the bar to Chin only due to which they are unable to connect to the muscle. So you have to pull the bar full range of motion as close to the chest as you can Squeeze Back, breathe out and leave slowly The third mistake is that people leave the bar With a jerk, don't do it then you have to leave the bar slowly And fourth is people leave the bar and lift the shoulders too much which should not be done, So your shoulders will be

Retracted Pull the bar full range of motion Do not bend too much, Squeeze the Muscle make connect, Breathe out and leave slowly.

The second exercise that most people do is back dips We do this exercise for triceps muscle I have seen most people that whenever they do back dips So they bring their back too far ahead Which causes unnecessary strain in your shoulder So whenever you do back dips then your back which is going down and coming up


Back Dips

Should stay close to the bench, the means should remain close. then the second thing is people don't do again full range of motion so they just come down a little bit and up a little, This is also the wrong way so you have to go all the way down And with this you have to do the full range of motion by pushing your triceps muscles till the time your elbows don't straighten your triceps don't squeeze And here you have to breathe out As I’m telling everyone mistakes about your exercises and how to perform them properly Along with that, I would like to give another advice to all that is that Just like you take care of your body
4 Important Gym Exercises You Are Doing Wrong

Mid rowing

Third exercise, What most people do wrong in the gym is mid rowing Like the first mistake is that people keep the knees straight while doing the exercise, in this way, don't do it You have to bend both knees whenever you sit After that second mistake While performing the exercise whenever they pulls the handle
They bend towards the back a lot And while realizing they bend in the front side more, don't do this. So you have to perform the exercise by sitting straight After that I have seen many people that they in their back make arch like this, that is very bad posture don't do this so what do you have to lift the chest Retract shoulder and then perform exercise last mistake which is again ego problem people take too much weight

Because of which they are unable to perform the full range of motion exercise while pulling the handle gets their repetitions there only due to excess weight so don't do it Do the exercise full range of motion means to bring as close to the ABS as possible Squeeze, hold the back for 1 second then release slowly And you can't leave even with a jerk I will show you by doing 2-3 reps correctly pull, full range of motion, squeeze your upper back and release it slowly .


fourth exercise we will do lunges Which I have seen many people performing wrongly One of the common mistakes that people make is that whenever they do lunges
They keep both the legs in a straight line Means as you can see on this I have put my heel in front of my paw Which should not be done, it will also cause problems in balancing yourself so what to do you have to stand up straight between both of your legs make the hip-width distance And in the same line you have to move the pair Same Line Means This You will have to make this distance in between of both the legs And with this you

Will sit comfortably, lunge like this, and will come back The second mistake that people do is that whenever they take a step forward they take a very small step. Due to which the knee which while going down, goes beyond the claw. Which is a wrong movement then what should you do? That you have to move forward a nice step and sit in such a way that you’re next knee Do not go beyond the paw

And the back hip the back knee should come under his knee, In this way and in the very control way you will perform this exercise So I will show you by doing 2-3 reps properly down slowly and up In very control way this was our today's Blog, I hope you liked the Blog And I will keep making such informative Blogs will come in front of you But you promise me, in today's Blog you will not do whatever mistake I told you in the exercise And don't even let people around you make same mistakes And keep writing in the comment box
On which topics further Blogs should be made So that I can cover only those topics which can be useful for you you take care of yourself, take care of your health, Till then goodbye, see you

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