Home Workouts: 5 Ab Workouts You Can Do in 10 Minutes

As summer is approaching, we all start obsessing about getting a killer beach body.

Abs can be a tough exercise, especially for those that are super busy and don’t have enough time to hit the gym regularly.

Luckily, you don’t need machines to build strong six-pack abs. Here are 10 simple ab workouts (5 for men and 5 for women) that can be easily done at home in only 10 minutes!

Before you Begin

  • Dedicate two minutes for each of the following five ab workouts (two sets of 50-second workout plus ten seconds rest).
  • To maximize the results and avoid injuries, make sure to warm up and stretch before you begin the workout.
  • Since you’re exercising in the comfort of your home, you don’t need any special equipment or workout clothes. Guys can go for shorts and a T-shirt, whereas girls can opt for leggings and a top. Anything that makes you feel comfortable works.
  • Women and men have different body types, that’s why we’ve chosen different sets of exercises. However, some standard ab workouts, such as plank and crunches, can be effective for both the female and male bodies.

10 Minute Home Abs Workouts for Women

 Ab Workouts for Women


1. V sit-ups

Besides working the abs, this workout also targets the lower back, hip, and chest muscles. You don’t need any props to do this exercise, but if you want to make it slightly more difficult, perform it holding a ball in your hands.

How to do it:

  • Lay down on your back.
  • Lift your right leg up, then lift your upper body upward.
  • Use your left hand to touch your right leg.
  • Pause in that position for a couple of seconds, then repeat with the other hand and leg.

2. Jump Ropes

Jump rope is a great, yet often overlooked piece of equipment. It’s portable, affordable, and easy to use. Jumping rope is not only great for burning belly fat, but it’s also beneficial for the cardiovascular system. In addition, it increases your speed, balance, agility, and power output. Finally, this exercise strengthens your feet muscles and ankles.

You can perform this workout even if you don’t have a jump rope at hand; all you need to do is mimic the motions.

3. Knee to Elbow Plank

Plank is a common ab workout for both women and men. The knee to elbow variety is also great for the pelvic and back muscles.

How to do it

  • Assume a plank position, with your body aligned head to heels, and your wrists under the shoulders.
  • Lift your left leg and bend the knee to drive it toward the outside of your left elbow.
  • Return to starting position, then repeat with the right leg.

4. Slow Bicycle Crunches

No, you don’t need a bicycle to perform this ab workout, only a mat.

How to do it:

  • Lie down pressing your lower back to the floor.
  • Put your hands behind the head and bring your knees towards your chest.
  • Lift your shoulder blades, making sure you don’t pull on your neck.
  • Straighten your left leg out to a 45-degree angle to the floor, then turn your upper body to the right, bringing your left elbow towards the right knee.
  • Hold for a couple of seconds, then switch sides.

5. Russian Twist

This ab workout strengthens the core, spine, and obliques. In addition, it improves spine stability and balance and trims your midsection all at once.

How to do it:

  • Sit on the floor and bend your legs at the knees.
  • Lean back so your legs and upper body form a V-like shape.
  • Your legs should be slightly elevated and your abdominal wall braced to allow balance.
  • Twist your upper body from side to side without moving the legs.

10 Minute Home Abs Workouts for Men

Abs Workouts for Men

1. Crunches

Crunches have been the foundation of ab workout routines for decades now. The reason for this is simple: crunches target the rectus abdominis, also known as the ‘abdominal muscle’, which runs along the front wall of the abdomen.

How to do it:

  • Lie on the floor and bend your knees.
  • Place your hands across your chest or behind your head.
  • Pull your belly button towards your spine, then contract your abs, lifting your shoulder blades about an inch or two off the floor. Make sure that your neck is straight.
  • Hold for a couple of seconds, then slowly lower yourself down.

2. Side Plank

Few moves are as effective for your abs as the side plank and yet, it’s often overlooked in favor of the standard plank. The side plank is especially good for the quadratus lumborum, an often weak muscle which is part of the posterior abdominal wall.

How to do it:

  • Lay on your left side keeping your knees straight and your feet together.
  • Place your left forearm directly below the left shoulder and raise your upper body upward until it’s in a straight line from head to feet.
  • Hold this position without letting the hips drop for 50 seconds, then repeat on the right side.

3. Sit-ups

This exercise remains one of the most popular ab workouts and a staple in military PT tests. However, since sit-ups are often criticized for the limited benefits and the possibility of injuries, it’s very important that you do them properly.

How to do it:

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees.
  • Place your hip-distance apart and your hands behind your head.
  • Pull your belly button in toward your spine and gently raise your upper body by bending your waist and hips.
  • Lift up until your upper body is just inches away from your thighs.
  • Return to starting position.

4. Flutter Kicks

This ab exercise works the rectus abdominis, the main ab muscle, the side ab muscles (obliques), as well as the fronts of the hips.

How to do it:

  • Lie on a mat with your arms alongside your hips (palms facing down) and your legs extended.
  • Lift your legs about 4-5 inches off the ground, pressing your lower back into the mat.
  • Keep your legs straightened as you alternately raise the legs in a fluttering, up and down movement.

5. Rocky Abs

This exercise makes all other ab workouts look easy. Rocky abs is probably the fastest way of building a strong six-pack, but chances are you won’t be able to do it properly if you’re at the beginner level.

How to do it:

  • Lay on the floor and start moving your legs from the hips towards the ceiling.
  • Pause it that position for a couple of seconds, then bring the legs slowly downwards.

Rest briefly, then repeat.

Final Thoughts

For the Girls

Even though you go through each of the workouts once, 45 seconds for every move is enough to burn a good amount of calories.

The advantage of these home ab workouts is that you don’t have to do them at any fixed time. You can choose to work out in the morning or right after you get back from work.

For maximum results, pair your ab workout routine with proper nutrition that contains enough protein, carbs, good fats, and calories.

Additional exercises, like running or cycling, will also help you burn fat faster.

For the Guys

To speed up muscle growth, try going through the whole home ab workout routine twice a day. Make sure to work as hard as you can, stopping only briefly to catch a breath.

Nobody said it was going to be easy but to stay motivated, think about how hot you’ll look on the beach.

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