Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans For the perfect jeans that you find comfortable, consider these tips.

You should have knowledge about the fabric. The quality of jeans fabric should be really good. Understanding the weight of jeans is also very important. Light weight denim is 340 grams or less. Mid weight denim ranges from 340 grams to 411 grams and heavy weight denim is above 411 grams. Tips regarding the size . The way to check for perfect sized jeans is to wear the jeans and measure with fingers near the waist to see if there is a distance of two fingers between your waist and jeans. Don't buy jeans that is too loose. Jeans should be little bit tight. It will become loose after 2 or 3 washes. 

Why you Should Wear Denim Jeans-

You should also know about the shape of jeans, i.e Tight or slim fit, straight fit and boot cut. Tight or slim fit jeans stick to the waist to the ankles. The strait fit jeans is tight on the knees and then a bit loose. Boot cut jeans are quite loose. It looks like a bell bottom. Skinny jeans does not look good on thick thighs. It Looks perfect on thin legs.  

Size Up Azarth Blue Acid Splash Paint Tri-Stretch Jeans
Size Up Tri-Stretch Quarter Painted Denim Jeans


Size up - Quality 

Quality and quantity of denim in the fabric of jeans differ between cheap and expensive jeans. Before buying the jeans, check denim i.e. cotton in jeans. Many times lycra is also mixed with denim . This makes the jeans stretchable which gives the jeans a more body-hugging silhouette than regular jeans. You can wear stretchable jeans on formal as well as casual occasions. 

Conclusion - 

Color of jeans is also an important factor to consider. Dark colored jeans make your legs look thinner as compared to light colored jeans. Its hard to maintain light colored jeans. Stain marks are easily visible on light colored jeans. You can wear a shirt or t-shirt in contrast with the color of your jeans. 

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