5 Fashion Tips For Guys In Colleges (A 2019 Guide)

In college, fashion gets really exciting because you get to start afresh and define yourself without tips or advice from your parents.

College is also a place where you get to put yourself in the world through fashion. This can be accomplished by simply perfecting the right blend of comfortable clothing with a strong, cultured and quality persona.

We all know that a fresh start needs a new wardrobe and your outfit will definitely give insight to who you like to become to fellow college students. As a result of this, your fashion statement can get you accepted by others who take on the same identity and follow the same fashion trend.

For example, a college student whose fashion statement screams "hip-hop fashion" is definitely going to make friends easily with hip-hop music lovers in college than a guy who dresses in a skater fashion kind of way.

All the more reason why as a college student you need to follow the right fashion tips. I know some guys might say following fashion tips is a girly thing to do. The truth is, except you aim to be a loner in college the right outfit in college gives you an attractive personality and allows you to bond with like-minded people.

Why do College guys need Fashion Tips?

The right college outfit can be a permanent fix for many problems we faced in high school like bullying. Many will tell you that those dressed up smartly are unlikely targets of bullies as they think that a person with great fashion sense must have high general abilities and may retaliate and prove out to be a threat to them.

Having that killer look in college boils down to understanding the basics of fashion such as the right colors, the right fabric, and the right accessories to an outfit. All this can be possible in college if you understand the right fashion principles.

Understanding the right fashion principles doesn't mean wearing whatever you think is cool in everyone's eyes. However, it means wearing a bottom hem T-shirt, crop Jeans, and a good pair of sneaks to feel great about yourself and get after the day with nobody second-guessing your outfit.

That moment you feel comfortable in how your outfit, looking good in college becomes effortless and you can easily interchange your style without you trying to feel like someone else.

In order to help you look the part, we are going to suggest some fashion tips and outfits you should follow religiously in order to be that "classic man" among your college mates.

Fashion Tips and Outfit ideas College guys Should Follow

Every college guy should know that you don't need a fat budget in order to become fashion conscious. Also, overloading your wardrobe with apparel wouldn't help you anyway in dressing more classy.

All you need to know is the right type of dress combination, color combinations, and accessories to go with your outfit. These need to knows would definitely get you more friends, girls and even allow you to meet the woman of your dreams.

You don't have to be discouraged if you are a beginner in following fashion tips. However, once you have followed this article, knowing how to look the part wouldn't be such a hurdle for you.

Therefore, I will be presenting five of these fashion tips to college guys that are reading. I sincerely hope some of these tips will help you master the art of being fashionable and more appealing to the ladies in college.

T-shirt (T-shirt + Tech Pants, T-shirt + denim Jacket + jean)

As the cross is important to Christians, so is the T-shirt to college outfits for guys. We can describe the T-shirt as the holy grail of all fashion outfits any guy in college should have.

That's right, every guy should have a T-shirt included in the list of outfits he would need in college. The T-shirts can be graphic tees, a solid color t-shirt, stripe t-shirt, hem t-shirt or a simple V-neck t-shirt.

It is important that you do not make the mistake of purchasing a pack of low budget t-shirts at Walmart all because they are cheap. The reason is some of the t-shirts you buy at Walmart will definitely fade or might not fit.

From my perspective, three or four quality t-shirt from my favorite store SizeUp apparel would be way better than a couple of basic Tees from Walmart.

Fitted Solid Color T-shirt

A simple V-neck shirt can be worn ordinarily or underneath a denim jacket to give you that classy casual look. The graphic T-shirts worn with jeans or shorts are perfect for hanging out with friends. Nevertheless, it is important you are conscious of what the graphic T-shirt says.

Hoodie (Hoodie + Jacket + Jean pants)

The hoodie is an important outfit for college guys during the winter period. Wearing a hoodie underneath a fitted jacket paired is a simple and yet fashionable winter look for college guys.

For guys who are fit-fam addicts, with a hoodie, you no longer have to sacrifice your morning run to the gym during the winter. 

The hoodie is a blessing in disguise for many college students who are lazy during exam periods to dress up.

Also, the hoodie is very popular among college students because of the comfort it provides.

The fact that it looks good on all body sizes and can make you look more noticeable.

If you are looking to purchase a black or pink hoodie, you can get it at SizeUp apparel. They offer good quality and great brands when it comes to college outfits. 

Pink Color Hoodie

Pink Color Hoodie available at SizeUp 

Dark Jeans (Dark Jean pants + literally any Top)

Jean pants are core outfits in the fashion world that will continue to withstand the test of time.

Back in the Nineties, college guys rocking oversized Jeans was a thing. Gradually fashion evolved and guys now feel that there’s nothing better than a pair of well-fitted jeans on your body.

A solid pair of jeans that fits your shape will literally go with any other outfit in your closet. You can look so good in just a pair of well-fitted jeans and a T-shirt.

A fun fact about jean pants is that you can wear them to any occasion. Whether you want to hike in the desert or you want to have a casual evening with your girl. Having a pair of jeans can save you the hassle of looking good for either of the occasion.

I will endlessly continue to tell my readers to avoid getting a pair of low-quality outfits because they are cheaper. A low-quality jean is definitely going to have its color fade over a short period of time and this will make you look untidy and cheap to the ladies.

Get your pair of well fit and high quality dark Jean at my favorite store, SizeUp Apparel. They offer the best outfits for college students at an affordable price.

Dark Jeans

Dark Jeans available at SizeUp 

Backpack (Solid Color Backpack + All college outfits)

The essence of a backpack in college is not only to carry books to the lecture halls. The backpack is also part of a guy's daily outfit in college and it is considered a fashion accessory.

You will have to consider factors such as the quality and material before getting the right backpack. I know we are trying to make you fashionable in college but a fancy backpack might get you in a lot of trouble.

However, a backpack that has a solid color will definitely match most of the outfits you would wear in college.

Camo Tactical Backpack

Denim Jacket or Blazer (Denim Jacket + T-shirt + Jean, Blazer + collar shirt + pants)

There are notable reasons why every college guy needs a denim jacket in his closet. The first reason is that the denim jacket adds that extra classy layer to the outfit you already have on.

The second reason is that the denim jacket can be worn all year round ( some parts of summer and winter). This means that a good denim jacket is very durable.

Another reason is, you can wear a denim jacket for most occasions and it will definitely go along with all the casual wear in your closet.

Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket available at SizeUp

On the other hand, guys that are aiming to have that wall street business look in college should have a blazer listed among the outfits they would need in college. A blazer would help you look smart in casual events such as getting to meet your girlfriend's parents.

Also, when you own a blazer you can pull off new looks with some of your other outfits. A blazer can make you look casual as well as formal depending on how you rock it.

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