Fashion wear Expectation Vs Reality

Fashion wear Expectation Vs Reality

It had this brilliant “Expectations vs Reality” to know more fashion wear you are on. When wear some fashion we expect to look extra ordinary but Reality can be cruel and harsh, even for stylish men. If you're starting to level up your style, you need to see that for yourself. Keep yourself grounded and self-assured related to your dressing.

So let’s talk the differences between lofty expectation and the more grounded reality of what happens when you level up your style.


Expectation: New clothes are going to look great on you.

Reality: You buy new wardrobe but you don’t like it.

You spend $2000 on this entire new wardrobe which you try it on. You don’t like the way it fits. You don’t like the way it looks. You never wear it and waste that money. When you buy a clothes remember style pyramid: fit, fabric, function. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit you or can’t be slightly adjusted to fit you. Focus on the function of that clothing. Is it going to send the message you want to send? Is it going to work for work? is it going to work for casual environment?

Fabric, means the quality of the overall build, the materials that are used. You want to buy the best that you can afford, upgrade to higher quality suits that use a finer weave.


Expectation: Everyone is going to notice your new look.

Reality: Most people simply don’t care.

To be honest they don’t care you at all. They care about themselves, they have problems, their families. We’re talking about your workmate, your boss, your family, the people that close to you. These are the people affected by your image and the message you’re sending.


Expectation: Getting a job that will pay the big bucks.

Reality: Working too hard at a dead end job.

You need the skills to pay the bills, developing a specific skill set which are going to make you irreplaceable. They’re going to make you the GUY on your team and you start to get the recognition. You have your boss’s boss come in and give the presentation to be able to make things happened because you’re a go getter.


Expectation: You are going to back that new fashion trend.

Reality: You feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.

You start to wish that you weren’t wearing it, you find a way to ditch it and you’re hoping that nobody looks and made fun of you.

The key is if you’re going to bring in a new look, practice wearing the clothing in private before going out in the public. Build up your confidence and then you can own the look.


Expectation: You’re going to get lots of compliments from women.

Reality: You actually get lots of compliment from men.

Other men recognized other men for well-dressed. It not that they’re trying to hit on you. But the point is when you dress better how many men are going to compliment you on your shoes, on the watch, on that jacket. This big actually when you’re in groups. Women actually notices that other-men looked up.


At the end of the day, remember to keep a level head in style transformation. Don't over-estimate of your new clothes. In this age of social media, people are opened to so many well-dressed people, so they end up being judgmental.

Dress best with the goal of impressing your boss, getting respect from your peers. Keep it simple or you might be focused out try to please everybody. And that, my pal, is a fool's job.

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