6 Best Jeans for Men With Muscular Thighs in 2020

Jeans are a staple and essential part of a man’s wardrobe. They offer you versatility and functionality. They are your “first-to-wear” whenever you are leaving your house for an evening outing, beach party and at times, to the office. But a lot of men with muscular thighs are facing the problem of finding the right pair of jeans that comfortably fit them.

To combine what fits you with style could be a herculean task. If your jean is too tight around your thigh, you will feel pain when you sit due to the restriction in mobility. But we’ve helped you take that stress out with the list of jeans below. If you have a set of quads, you should go for jeans that are roomier around the thigh. A slim straight cut and a tapered leg are among the options you should consider. Therefore, avoid the excessive use of baggy jeans or boot cut. 

We have compiled a list of seven pairs of jeans that will accentuate your leg and look incredible on you.

Levi’s 541 Athletic Fit Jeans

If you’ve got muscular thighs, Levi’s 541 Athletic Fit Jeans provide you with the comfort you need. It is ideal for men with active life who do not want a baggy jean. It has extra room around the thighs and a narrow leg that creates a slim shape around the ankle, making it a good pair with sneakers. However, that you’re bigger up there does not mean you can’t be stylish. You can personalize Levi’s 541 by adding rips and tears to make it look rocky. This makes it perfect for a date night or any outing. It gives you easy mobility and makes you feel relaxed. In conclusion, the jean sits well on your waist. 

Levi's 541 Athletic Fit Jeans

Levi's 541 Athletic Fit Jeans

Paige Transcend Normandie Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans are perfect for you if you want to keep up with the trends. Paige Transcend Normandie Straight Leg Jeans offer a comfortable fit for men with muscular thighs and elongate your leg. The jean is designed in a straight style, accentuates your body shape, and balances your thighs. The clothing is made to be durable and can withstand washing. Additionally, the jean can be extremely stretchy and built to move with your body. Paige is a classic pair of jeans that you can wear to the office and bar. 

Paige Transcend Normandie Straight Leg Jeans

Paige Transcend Normandie Straight Leg Jeans

Size Up Tri-stretch Denim Jeans

Size Up Tri-stretch Denim Jeans make you feel comfortable while adding style to you. It looks tight fit but it is free around your thighs and gives you enough mobility. It holds your waist tight and you can wear it with or without a belt. This denim jean provides you with a stretchy feel that adjusts to your size. It offers a cozy fit that accentuates your quads and calves. You can be sure of the quality of these tweeds. It features tapered ankles that add more fashion statements to you. Denim jean is available in various sizes and washes. You can pair it with any top and sneakers or shoes.

Size Up Tri-stretch Jeans

Size Up Tri-stretch Jeans

Baldwin Slim Straight Jeans

If you are looking for a loser style, Baldwin jean has got you covered. Baldwin is specifically for muscular bodies.  It is a comfortable and stylish jean that fits your thighs and waist with a narrow leg opening to give it a slimmer look. The jean has a zipper fly and single button closure. It features belt loops and classic five pockets. Baldwin is made of cotton and polyester. It comes in various sizes that can accommodate you perfectly.

Mavi Straight Leg Jeans 

Mavi perfectly fits our list of jeans for muscular thighs. The Straight Leg Jean is ideal for you if you are into bodybuilding or other sports. It features more room for your thighs while holding your waist tight. Mavi jean is of high quality. Its classic design and cut give you the right stretch and loose fit to make you comfortable all day long. The jean is narrow down to the ankle to give a modern look. The jean offers various sizes and washes. Therefore, It is ideal for all occasions and you can pair it with nice sneakers.

Barbell Straight Athletic Fit Jeans

Barbell Straight Athletic is the pair of jeans you should grab if you want versatility and roomy jean that will make you feel relaxed. They are designs for weightlifters with quality material that can stretch to make you feel comfortable all day. It is also built to fit your waist size and accommodate your butt; it is freer around the thigh with a tapered leg down to the ankle. Barbell Straight Athletic is classic for any occasion and can go with any outfit. It is made of 91% cotton, 7% polyester and 2% spandex. It’s in various lengths and sizes.

Bonobos Premium Stretch Denim

You don’t need to stress yourself again for the perfect shape jeans for your muscular thighs. Bonobos Premium Stretch Denim is a durable pair of slacks and ideal for different occasions. It is designed to fit larger quads. The jean has enough space for your thighs and tapers nicely to your ankle to give you a good look. It offers you nice comfort as your joggers. The stretch gives you an excellent range of movement. With these jeans, you can run, jump, squat without restriction. You can trust the quality Bonobos jeans are made of because it is the ultimate for athletes and fitness fanatics. 

Final Word

If you have been working on your leg, to get the right pants for your shape can be a real struggle for you. Skinny jeans can cause you problems and make you look out of proportion. Straight cut, regular or taper jeans are the best for your muscular thighs. The jeans listed above are among the best for guys who are bodybuilders or athletes.  You can choose anyone you want from them because they offer you comfort, mobility, and versatility. We selected jeans that can fit any style and all occasions. The jean is of quality materials that are durable and can withstand wash. In conclusion, take your time before you go for any jeans. Make your comfort your priority as you make your selection.

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