How to Choose the Right Winter Jacket without a Stylist

The winter season is here again. That season that can freeze your bones without the right winter jacket. How prepared are you to protect yourself from the harsh weather condition of the season? 

Winter is one of the four seasons in a year and it is the coldest season when there are shorter days and longer nights. It is between autumn (after) and spring (before). 

During this period, from the snowy streets in the city to the powder of the terrains in the backcountry, you need to protect yourselves from cold by putting on winter wears that will keep you warm. 

One of such winter wears is the winter jacket; others are winter scarf and winter beanie. Gone are the days when men’s fashion is devoid of some accessories. A winter jacket is a necessary investment you have to make on your wardrobe during the snowy weather and rain. And, you don’t need to worry about how it will look on you; there are stylish winter outfits you can choose from.

Winter jackets help to keep you warm from cold, wind, rain or snow. However, it must have thick insulation to make your body stay warm every time.  A quality winter jacket must have a waterproof outer shell, and keep you and its insulation dry. 

To choose the right winter jacket, there are things you must consider which include what you need the jacket for, the quality of material used, the closure system of the jacket, zippers, pockets, and the hood. 

When it comes to maintaining your style during the winter and keeping yourself warm, it can be overwhelming to get the right winter jacket; here are some tips on how to choose the right winter jacket.

The type of winter jacket you need

The type of winter jacket you choose depends on what you want to use it for and where you wear it to. There are two types of winter jackets which are:

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Technical winter jacket

A technical jacket is perfect for you if you want to engage in outdoor activities. It gives you complete protection from cold while also allowing for easy mobility. This type is trim fit and lightweight that you can use for athletic movements like ice climbing, hiking, and skiing. It features helmet-compatible hoods, and internal water bottle pockets

Casual winter jacket

Casual winter jackets concentrate more on protecting you from harsh winter conditions, comfort, style and giving you the level of warmth you need. It is good for low outdoor activities because of its heavyweight and in-built insulation. It comes with other special features such as removable hoods, internal pockets for smartphones with access for headphones, roomier fits, and lined hoods. If you just want to work around the city or visit the local outdoor ice skating, a casual jacket should be your choice. also you can wear a combo of stretch jeans with winter jackets .

Types of insulation For Winter Jackets

The type of insulation for winter jackets are down, synthetic fibers and synthetic fleece (wool). You also need to know the type of insulation a winter jacket has in order to choose the right winter jacket. Insulation gives you comfort and keeps you warm. These insulations are:

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Down Insulation 

Down insulation offers you the highest level of warmth but only in a dry cold condition, because it loses most of its insulating qualities in a wet, damp condition. However, down insulation can be compressed to a minimal size and puff back up again. If you are spending your winter in a wet area, go for synthetic insulation.

Synthetic insulation

Synthetic insulation features plasticized fibers and can survive wet conditions more than down synthetic. Though water can affect its insulation qualities to an extent but it is not as severe as down synthetic, and it dries out faster. However, its downside is that it begins to lose its insulation qualities the more it compresses and expands after some time.

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Wool or synthetic fleece insulation

This type of insulation combines the ability of synthetic insulation to withstand dampness and the durability of down insulation. This means you can use it during both dry and wet climate conditions. However, its downside is that it is not too thick, so it’s not very warm.

Features That are Important in a Winter Jacket

Pockets are essential

Pockets are essential whether you want to opt for casual or technical jackets. The pockets should be well-placed on the jacket with enough space to contain some necessary items like your phone and wallets. Headphones channel or fur-trimmed pockets may also be necessary. 

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Closures and zippers

How these features are made with the winter jackets are important as they influence warmth and cold resistance. Some closure systems on zippers are ideal while some tend to allow cold in. you should go for zippers that are waterproof which helps to keep rain and wind out. A two-way zipper gives more warmth. Also, check the cuff and ensure that they are tight.

The outer shell

The outer shell is an important feature of a winter jacket that you must consider. It protects you from rain, snow, and sleet.  A quality winter jacket must have a weatherproof or water repellent outer shell.Hoodie with stretch jeans & Winter jackets with DWR or GORE-TEX are very effective against the harsh climatic conditions. However, winter jackets with GORE-TEX holds up water well than those with DWR.

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Does it fit right?

Another feature you should consider is the fitting. If the winter jacket is too small or big, it may not provide the warmth you will need. However, you should ensure that your winter jacket is the right size for you, depending on what you want it for. A form-fitting jacket is good for you to wear around the city while a winter jacket with layers should be your choice for winter sports.


Heavy rain, snowfall, and wind accompany every winter. It is necessary you prepare yourself well for the harsh weather conditions of the winter. Selecting the right winter jacket is your first step towards keeping cold far from you and enjoying your winter. With the tips listed up there, you should be able to choose the right winter jacket that is suitable for your needs. The winter jacket, beanie, and scarf give you the confidence to embrace the winter.

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