Size Up Women's Maroon Crop Long Sleeve

The Size Up Women's Maroon Crop Long Sleeve Keeps You Fit!

Workout clothing is often uncomfortable and made from fabrics that contribute to sweating versus wicking it away from your body. Our line of Size Up Women's Maroon Crop Long Sleeves won't just keep you looking good during your workout sessions, but you'll find less sweat and fewer stains to worry about. Our carefully constructed blend of fabrics will withstand regular use and also feel completely breathable even during the most strenuous activities. The sexy maroon color works great with our matching maroon joggers or can be paired with any bottoms of your choice!

The long sleeves protect your arms from the elements while the cropped design keeps you cool during a hot day. The contrasting white detailing looks great to add a slimming effect while calling attention to the finer details of this top. The tight fit of the shirt offers plenty of bust support while also providing a free range of motion. We offer our tops in sizes XS to L.

Specs Of Maroon Crop Long Sleeve

  • Stretchy fitted look that feels cool and comfortable during exercise.
  • A long sleeve that will protect your arms from the elements and the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Careful construction that is guaranteed to outlast other brands of activewear.
Length 14.25" 14.75" 15.25" 15.5"
Chest 13" 13.75" 14.5" 15.25"

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