Hy Size Up Blogs Lover. How are you all? We're back with a new Blog And today we are going to discuss things you should take care of after your post-workout It means, What are the important things to keep in mind after exercising? So that your recovery will be good and It will help you in the muscle-building process. It is important to care these things even for your general fitness. As we all know the importance of diet and supplements. But some of us ignore these things. Because of this, we could not achieve our goals. But these things are important as diet and exercise. So in today's Blog, I am going to share


7 things you should take care of after your workout.

7 Best Things You Should Do After Workout


The first thing you should care of after a workout is Taking a cold shower This means, after doing exercise, you should take bath with cold water. Now you will think how small thing it is to take a cold-water bath after exercise. But it has many benefits as it helps a lot in removing your lactic acid. So that your muscles can recover very well and reduce inflammation in your muscles. So that you can perform better in the gym the next day. Many of you must have seen it. That some athletes sit in ice-chilled water for 10 to 15 minutes after exercising for better recovery. Many of us do not have that facility available. So that's why it is prudent to take a cold-water bath after exercise.


It is beneficial for your nervous system. It lifts your mood and improves your sleep quality. It has also been found in some studies that, taking a bath with cold water improves your white blood cell production. And white blood cells make our immunity strong. So, from next time after exercising, take a cold-water bath. Just keep one thing in mind. Do not shower immediately after exercising, keep the gap for 10 to 15 minutes. The second important thing which you must remember after exercising is, stretching and form rolling I have seen many such people who leaves the gym Just after exercising,


Don't do this next time. You must do stretching or firm rolling after exercise for 10 to 15 minutes. Stretching Improves Your Muscle Flexibility and The Muscle soreness is cured to a great extent And the chances of injury are also reduced. You just have to take care of that, you do static stretching. Let me tell you in simple words, static stretching means When you hold a muscle for some seconds after it's maximizing stretch. That is called static stretching. Which you should do after exercise. By this, your muscle will recover very well. Along with this, you can also do foam rolling.


Foam rolling increases blood flow in your body. And your muscles tissue gets a better oxygen supply. Due to this, your muscles recover quickly in fact Foam rolling also gives you relief in your back pain. all you have to remember while you're performing foam rolling. You have to keep your joints safe Which means You don't roll foam on your joints. Means, Elbow, knees, ankle, etc. You roll foam over your muscles only. And where you have more soreness, you can hold it for some seconds. This means you must do stretching or foam rolling after exercise. The third point that you can keep in mind after exercising is


Having creatine. I've told you many times that creatine is the most researched supplement. For your muscles building and strength building. if 5 grams of creatine are taken as post-workout So this will reduce your mussel sourness and repair the damages from exercise Well, you can use creatine at any time of the day. But in a study, it is found that if you consume

Creatine post-workout It will improve your composition and performance So, If you consume creatine then start consuming it after exercise. The next thing you should take care of after a workout is Having protein post-workout


All you need to take care that you have to take fast digestive proteins. Because of exercise, when your muscles tissue breaks down so the sooner you repair them, the more beneficial they will be for your muscles. That is why whey protein is the best option Because it gets digested very quickly. Aminos get mixed in your blood vessels and repair your muscles quickly. So that means after exercise you should consume one scoop of whey protein. Nowadays many people drink plant-based protein Which is equally good and if you are looking for good plant-based protein you can try MAN MATTERS VEGAN Plant Protein


It is 100% vegan and formulated with four different plant proteins. In this, you will get 28 vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial for your overall health. 70% of Indians are protein deficient And they do not know how important it is to have protein in the diet. So MAN MATTERS VEGAN will fulfill their daily requirements. Along with this, it helps in muscle gain, strength building And improves bone density. In this along with all essential amino acids, you will also get ashwagandha which will boost your immunity and stamina. In every serving, you will get 24 g protein, 4.6g BCAAs, Which will help you in muscle recovery.


This is lactose-free has no side effects and by drinking it, you will not have bloating and digestion issues. Those who want to try a good vegan plant-based protein Can check out the product by clicking on the link given in the description box. I would like to draw your attention to the fifth point. Which you should keep in mind after exercise. Is hydration, By the way, you should keep drinking water throughout the day. Just to hydrate yourself but you sweat a lot during exercise. Due to this, you lose a lot of water. Which is very important to replenish If your body will be dehydrated then your muscles growth will be hampered


Because your muscle protein breaks down due to dehydration. and reduced muscle protein synthesis. So, all of you would know that your muscles cramps because of dehydration. It has also been found in one study that Dehydration lowers your testosterone level

And your cortisol level increases So after exercise, you should drink one to two glasses of water. The sixth point is very important. Having carbohydrates post-workout. Like it is very important to consume protein immediately after exercise, in the same way, carbohydrates are also important after a workout When you Work out you Deplete Glycogen And carbohydrates are used to replenish it.


You just have to choose it wisely Because as soon as you replenish the depleted glycogen. The better it will be for you. It means, after exercise, you should choose fast digestive carbohydrates. Like potato, white rice, etc. So after exercise having carbohydrates and protein together in a 3:1 ratio would be wise. If you consume protein and carbohydrates together. Your glycogen synthesis will improve Last but not least is to log your workout. In simple words While exercising or after exercising, you should write somewhere Which exercise you did


How much weight did you lift how many reps you have done So that you can monitor your progress weekly And you will be able to check whether your performance has increased or not? So that you can challenge yourself accordingly. To achieve any fitness goal it's very important to monitor your progress. And if you note your workout somewhere then it becomes easier to monitor. And if you are noticing that your picking capacity is increasing over the period. That means your muscles are increasing. and those who want to lose weight Do not just measure your progress from the weight loss machine. But also note somewhere, is your inches are decreasing over the period or not.


Especially measure your waist, if it is reducing It means you are on the right track and your body fat is decreasing. That's why I'm asking you to log your workout. This was our today's Blog Hope you liked it You can also follow Us on Instagram @sizeupsupps I will keep making good content for you.