Size Up Alaskan Tundra Joggers

Size Up Alaskan Tundra Joggers - Style For All Occasions

Inspired by the arctic camo styles that are part of special forces apparel across the globe the Size Up Alaskan Tundra Joggers are the perfect Fir for both gym and leisure activities. The stretchable fabric makes squats more comfortable while the timeless military-inspired style makes these joggers the perfect solution for those relaxed days and nights out with friends. the style is at home in the park and relaxing in nature or out and about on the town.

In fact, this is one item of clothing that can truly be characterized by its versatility. those who choose this style are making a bold statement about their commitment not only to a healthy lifestyle and a physique to be proud of but also to a relaxed, but still focused attitude to life.

The Size Up Alaskan Tundra Joggers are representative of those rare pieces of clothing - an expression of individuality that allows the wearer to enjoy a lifestyle that is a combination of focus and relaxation. These Joggers are not only inspired by military winter wear - but they also embody the chilled attitude that goes hand in hand with a commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle - they are an embodiment of the wearer's personality.

Length 37.75" 38.5" 39.25" 40" 50"
Waist 26" 27.5" 29" 30.5" 32"

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