Size Up Women's Blue Sports Bra

Women's Blue Sports Bra

When purchasing a woman's blue sports bra, a woman should consider a few key points. A standard size chart is perfect for selecting your band size but because every woman has a unique chest, it is important to put a little bit more effort into considering other features.

For example, look out for jail-breakers. If you discover that the twins are trying to exit from the bottom of your sports bra, whenever you raise your arms, then try choosing a smaller band size so as to snug things up. This will keep the twins properly corralled.

Also, turned sideways to check the rib band's back. If it is riding higher and pulling up at the front of the sports bra, then the straps could be too short or the band could be too large. Simply choose a smaller band size and if the straps are adjustable, release them a little.

Take a glance straight down and see if the center front of the underwire style is flat on your chest. If it is not, simply go up one cup size. You definitely will need a larger cup size if the twins are spilling over at the top or sides of the blue sports bra.


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